Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/23/2019

The Semi-finals of AEW Tag Team Championship Tournament are the focus tonight.

The show immediately opens with the introductions for the first match

Match #1: Semi-finals match in the Tag Team Championship Tournament
Private Party v The Lucha Brothers

What a way to start the show!

My favorite part of this match is all the high spots being called by Excalibur while Jim Ross and Tony Schiavone talk about hooking legs for pins and stringing together moves to win. It’s a great mix of old and new.

The crowd is standing most of the match! Loud AEW AEW chants as well.

I put the phone down and enjoyed this one.

Match End: The Lucha Brothers hit their driving package piledriver to advance to the finals!

A hype video is shown for some guy named Wardlow? Apparently he works out.

Match #2: Semi-finals Tag Team Championship Tournament Match
S.C.U. V The Dark Order

Before the match starts they show a video for The Dark Order that’s supposed to explain who/what they are. It didn’t.

There seems to be some hype behind The Dark Order. Glad to see them on the show finally.

This match gets the split screen commercial break treatment. Thankfully not all the best parts are during the “break”.

After the break The Inner Circle walk through the crowd and to their paid luxury box…at the expense of the match which has been very very good.

A totally different style of match to the previous tag match. Strong moves instead of high flying spots…and then Stu Grayson flips over the top turnbuckle and post to the outside.

Match End: SCU advance to the finals with a huge win over The Dark Order in one hell of a match.

Sadly all of the celebrations and shots of The Inner Circle mugging for the camera is show on a split screen commercial break. They come back to announce the next match.

Match #3: Singles Match
Joey Janella v Kenny Omega

This is a rematch of their match that happened on AEW Dark (found on YouTube), except this one is sanctioned.

These two came to wrestle a strong style match. The whole time the commentary team is talking about how Janella isn’t just a hardcore hero and can actually wrestle. A little redundant since he’s showing the crowd that in a big way this match.

Match End: Kenny Omega pins Joey Janella after hitting the One Winged Angel.
What. A. Match.

Intead of showing the aftermath, its time to sell some tickets.

The lights go out and the very over the top entrance for Cody begins. He has an in ring interview with Tony Schiavone.

The interview is interrupted by The Inner Circle sounding off air horns. Cody says that the ring isn’t an invisible wall like in that “other company” and he could easily walk up to Jericho and fight him.

Jericho tells him to stay in the ring like a coward and to stop acting like an entitled millenial bitch.

Cody makes his way to the rail, but stops because the Inner Circle out numbers him.
Then Dustin Rhodes comes out.
Then MJF. Jericho makes a scarf joke.
Then Diamond Dallas Page come out!! Woah!

They all head up to the box to fight The Inner Circle (minus Jake Hager), who lock themselves into the box.

Cody wraps his hand with MJF’s scarf and punishes the glass door! Then the brawl is on but quickly broken up by security.

The Best Friends with Orange Cassidy are introduced during the split screen commercial break. (these are getting frustrating)

Match #4: Tag Team Match
The Best Friends w/Orange Cassidy v The Young Bucks

Orange rolls into the middle of the Young Bucks in ring entrance and gives them both some “vicious” super kicks, then eats a superkick party to start the match.

Usually I’d expect this match to be all Young Bucks, but it’s been a major showcase for Trent and Chuck which catches some comments from Schiavone and JR.

The best friends get in their big hug and distract the ref just long enough for Orange Cassidy to hit a lazy dive from the top rope to the outside onto the Young Bucks.

Afterwards the Young Bucks activate super comeback power and hit all of their big moves.

Match End: Young Bucks win
After the match they grab a mic and accept the challenge from Santana & Ortiz at Full Gear.

A video is shown for Dr. Britt Baker hyping her return to “Brittsbergh”.

Match #5: Singles Match
Jamie Hayter v Dr. Britt Baker w/Steely (the Steelers mascot)

Did you know that Britt Baker is a doctor? Did you know she’s a dentist? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you a few times during the match.

Thankfully they stopped talking about all that and a fantastic wrestling match was called.

Match End: Doctor Britt Baker wins with her mandible claw submission.

Brandi Rhodes attacks Jamie Hayter backstage and storms off. Potential power trip? Trying to get people to beat Baker?

Main Event: Singles Match
Jon Moxley v PAC

PAC attacks Moxley on the stage with a chair. Then chokes him with his own jacket. Then throws him around into the ringside barracades.

That won’t stop Moxley from starting the match. He rolls into the ring and the bell rings.

PAC methodically beats Moxley down, but Mox isn’t staying down.

This turned from a one sided beat down by PAC into a nice brawl style match for both men.

They announce that there is only 5 minutes of TV time remaining. I love that time limit and this one is going to the limit.

The close falls and big moves coming fast now.

3 minutes

2 minutes

1 minute

30 seconds…Moxley hits the double arm ddt

10 seconds…5…pin and ref counts…PAC KICKS OUT!…2…1…0

Match End: Time Limit Draw

It had to happen one of these shows and I’m. Glad it was this match that did it.

Jon Moxley attacks the referee and swears into the camera as the show ends.

Match End: