Photo Credit: Sports Illustrated

CM Punk Reflecting on WWE, UFC, Chicago Sports Championships, Harley Race, and Japanese Wrestlers

Hello AW Universe,

The rumours will never go away. As long as Phil Brooks is living, breathing, and able-bodied there will forever be rumours, fantasy-booking, and speculation on not if but when CM Punk will be making his in-ring return and where; a triumphant return to WWE after seemingly burning that bridge or jumping ship and joining Chris Jericho, Jake Hagar (FKA Jack Swagger), and Cody in AEW and add yet another bullet in the chamber to truly challenge WWE’s supremacy in the wrestling world.

There have been substantiated reports that Punk has been offered a gig with FOX to host some sort of commentary show reviewing the WWE product, and some semi-substantiated reports that he’s accepted that offer. Punk has said in the past that a large part of the reason that he walked away from pro wrestling was because he had lost passion for the business. With news of him possibly accepting this FOX job, it would seem that he’s re-embracing that passion, at least on a level that would allow him to directly comment on the product.

But Phil Brooks has been a person that has always done what he’s wanted. He moved on from wrestling to finally take some time off and watch his favourite sports teams win championships, dive headfirst into mixed martial arts, and everything else life has to offer. This was made clear after his sit-down interview with Jeff Marek and Elliott Friedman of Sportsnet during the NHL Media Tour that took place in Chicago late in this past NHL off-season.

The interview covered everything from his decision to take a shot at MMA, watching the Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks win championships, stories behind his tattoos, Harley Race stories, his favourite Japanese wrestlers, and how he created the CM Punk character.

The interview is a must-listen for every wrestling fan, and can be listened to by clicking the link below.