Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 10/21/2019

Monday Night Raw begins life after the draft.

RAW begins with a recap of the rivalry between Bray Wyatt and Seth Rollins. Tonight Rollins will tell the Universe why he burned down the Fire Fly Funhouse last week.

After the intro and pyro The Nature Boy Ric Flair enters the arena. He’s here to announce the last member of Team Flair for the match at Crown Jewel.

They gave Ric Flair a live mic on live TV without anyone else in the ring to wrangle him. Who’s idea was that?

The final member is Drew McIntyre.

Match #1: Singles Match
Drew McIntyre v Ricochet

They’re calling this a preview of the match at Crown Jewel.

This match meant so much that they cut to Ric Flair cutting a promo at ringside during the match and it was the best part of the match…although for the wrong reasons (glug glug).

Then right after I type that Drew and Ricochet start hitting homerun moves and kicking out at 2. I love the death valley driver.

Drew McIntyre kicks out of a DVD and a shooting star press!

Match End: Drew McIntyre hits the Claymore Kick and gets the pin fall victory over Ricochet. Ric Flair is happy.

After the match Drew McIntyre attacks Ricochet with some brutal moves.

The OC are interviewed backstage about attacking The Street Profits last week to “welcome” them to RAW. They talk about how The Street Profits need to earn their spot. I really liked that it wasn’t just AJ talking here. Karl Anderson has the mic skills too and really showed it here.

A sizzle reel for Andrade, Buddy Murphy, and Aleister Black is shown followed by the graphic for the RAW roster.

Afterwards Aleister Black is in the camera talking about his rage. He’s going to pick. A. Fight.

Match #2: Enhancement Match
Aleister Black v some guy

They just spent 5 minutes of the show hyping up the RAW roster, then they have a squash match instead of competition…lame.

Match End: Aleister Black wins of course. Yawn.

The Kings Court: Jerry is joined by Rusev

Jerry is asking Rusev about his marriage…and the crowd keeps saying “what” until Rusev tells them to stop by saying “C’mon, he’s a Hall of Famer…” nice.

Rusev is holding out hope for Lana’s return to him. Which is interrupted by Bobby Lashley and Lana showing up on video eating diner at a “restaurant”. They say “I love you” to each other…yikes…

Rusev isn’t happy, and he’s going after them. Oh good, two segments for this tonight…

Match #3: Singles Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Sin Cara

Another enhancement match for a hyped superstar. Thankfully not as obvious as the one Aleister Black. Hopefully this is a lucha showcase.

It wasn’t.

Match End: Andrade wins

The Street Profits get to hype their own match. Hype=yelling into the camera. So loud that the audio spiked so much my eardrums cried for the audio guy.

24/7 Champion R-Truth is sneaking around backstage and is stopped by The Bollywood Boys who distract Truth for the rollup pin to win the 24/7 Title. They run off and Truth makes a joke. Good times.

Match #4: Tag Team Match
RAW Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders v Zach Ryder & Curt Hawkins

I’ll say this, at least these enhancement matches have a little more meaning when they use the actual roster instead of some local nobody. Still doesn’t make for the most exciting show ever.

Match End: Viking Raiders win

Segment part 2 of the Rusev/Lana/Lashley thing. Rusev shows up and attacks Lashley. He’s quickly arrested while Lana shreeks “take him to jail”.

They move on quickly to Rey Mysterio coming out in a sling. He’s here to do some hype for Cain Velasquez.

After he’s done the hype, Paul Heyman is shown on screen saying that Mysterio wouldn’t be saying things against Brock if he was on RAW. Then hype time for Crown Jewel.

Then as that wrapped up Shelton Benjamin walks out and asks why Cain Velasquez gets a title shot. He reminds everyone that Brock Lesnar is his “family” and he tests the theory of if you attack Rey you get a title shot and starts pushing him around….until Cain Velasquez comes out!!

Cain Velasquez out wrestles Benjamin and forces him to tap out. Not too bad for Cain.

Seth Rollins is interviewed backstage talking about how he’s changed forever after facing The Fiend. Then he walks over to the new guy and challenges him to a match.

Match #5: Singles Match
Universal Champion Seth Rollins v Humberto Carrillo

I’ve literally never heard of this guy before. Apparently he was in NXT and 205 Live. Memorable for me obviously.

The crowd chants “We want Wyatt” during the match. I agree…but he’s on SmackDown.

This is meant to be a showcase for Carrillo and it does do that, but it’s isn’t helped by the crowd not giving a damn about this match. All Jerry Lawler can talk about is Humberto’s dimples.

Match End: Seth Rollins hits the stomp and pins the kid. Impressive debut.

After the match Seth Rollins shows Humberto respect in the ring.

Backstage R-Truth sneaks up on the Bollywood Boys and pins the wrong guy!

Main Event: Tag Team Match
The Street Profits w/mystery person to be named during the match apparently v The OC Anderson & Gallows w/AJ Styles

Street Profits get an extended entrance. Felt like 5 minutes.

They have to show a recap of The OC attacking The Street Profits again…

I give the Street Profits a lot of flack for yelling their way onto tv every week, but their in ring talent is the real reason they’re on tv and I’m very happy that they get to showcase it finally.

The crowd wakes up a little for the hot tag by The Street Profits in this one.

AJ is caught trying to interfere and is thrown out of ringside but as he argues his point KEVIN OWENS’ music hits and he runs down.


Meanwhile another tag for the Street Profits and Montez Ford hits his frog splash.

Match End: Pin after the frog splash wins it for Street Profits in their debut on RAW.

The show ends with celebrations into the crowd.