Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/16/2019

The AEW Championship is on the line tonight as Darby Allin takes on the champion Chris Jericho in the main event.

First off, I had to fight with the TSN app (doesn’t play with Chromecast) and then the TSN website to watch this episode. Don’t forget to set your pvr properly folks!

Anyway onto the show!

The Lucha Bros attack SCU before their tag team title tournament match to start off the show! They bring out a backboard for Christopher Daniels after an amazing piledriver on the ramp. Some kid is legit crying out there thinking they just witnessed an actual murder. Scorpio Sky takes Daniels’ place for the match.

Match #1: Tag Team Championship Tournament Match.
SCU v Best Friends

Chuck Taylor rips off the shoe of Scorpio Sky and throws it into the ring. They are taking it to SCU early on.

Scorpio Sky gets this match even with some huge moves. Then he whips his other shoe into the crowd. They throw it back! Yes!

Match End: SCU advance in the tournament after a kind of botched finish. Very decent match though. Look out for the best friends. They’re awesome. So was Scorpio Sky.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Inner Circle members Santana & Ortiz v Two guys in matching shorts

This looks like it’s the first enhancement match on AEW Dynamite. Gotta show the world (like me who don’t watch Impact) who Santana & Ortiz are.

Match End: Santana & Ortiz win with “The Street Sweeper”

Chris Jericho pops up on the screen after the match to hype Santana & Ortiz. They challenge The Young Bucks at Full Gear.

A video plays of Cody having “too much on his mind” at home. Hype time big time using his wife, DDP, his mom, MJF, Tony Schiavone, and Jim Ross all talking about how driven Cody is. That’s some major hype.

Match #3 AEW Woman’s World Championship Match
Dr. Britt Baker v Riho(c)

Apparently ratings spike when Riho is on tv. The commentary team calls her a “sensation” which I’ll agree with.

The fun thing about Riho is that she has to be a reaction/counter specialist. No one is going to believe that she has any power moves, but we’ll believe that she can counter everything and outlast moves. Technical wrestling is so fun to watch when done right.

Match End: Riho counters the lockjaw submission into a pin on Baker to retain her AEW Woman’s World Championship. Great match!
Britt Baker and Rihonshake hands after the match in a show of respect. Nice touch.

Match #4: Tag Team Match
Jurassic Express v Lucha Brothers

According to the commentary team Luchasaurus was injured and can’t be in this match so the little kid looking guy (Marco Stunt) subs in. That’s two major substitutes this episode. Could the Lucha Brothers be behind each of them? (fantasy booking alert).

I can’t get over how cool the Lucha Brothers look before and during their matches.

A taunt off starts this match.

Take everything I said about Riho needing to be a counter specialist and apply it to Marco Stunt. Jungle Boy has been using him as a weapon so far.

Pentagon Jr. and Rey Fenix take turns slapping the life out of Marco Stunt. Then they get guilty of of taking their opponents too lightly…Jungle Boy hot tag…gets some moves, but the Lucha Brothers take over again.

Match End: The Lucha Brothers finally put down Marco Stunt with a package piledriver.

Match #5: Tag Team Match
Jon Moxley & PAC v Kenny Omega & Hangman Adam Page

A classic two men who don’t like each other as tag partners match…for one team at least.

This match starts off as a brawl between Omega and Moxley. Hangman and PAC also brawl outside the ring. Eventually it calms down into a tag match.

PAC might go down as one of the best heels in modern history. He’s just looks mean and pissed off all the time. Then he backs it up with top talent wrestling.

Omega his PAC and Moxley with a couple of snap dragon suplexes!

This has been one hell of a tag match. Every guy got his moves in, and more importantly they build the two matches this match is made to hype.

Kenny goes under the ring and grabs a barbed wire broom. Moxley grabs a barbed wire bat. PAC throws the weapons out because he wants to win the match. Moxley gives him the double middle fingers and drops him before walking out.

Match End: Adam Page and Kenny Omega win after hitting a few moves on PAC.

Main Event: AEW World Championship Philly Street Fight
Darby Allin v “The Painmaker” Chris Jericho(c)

Darby Allin has painted half his face, torso, and arm with the word “champ” all over his left side.
Jericho is wearing his Painmaker Japan face paint. Big match feel

The whole show they’ve been showing us that the underdog can win, or at least gold their own. Now we have a major underdog facing the face of AEW and the crowd believes he could make it happen. Darby is a survival wrestler though so this is the perfect match for him.

The weapons haven’t been overused like in most matches these days which is very refreshing to see. Males the hits matter more.

Jericho tapes Darby Allin’s hands behind his back. Doesn’t stop Darby from hitting a springboard lionsault, suicide dive, and top rope flipping attack on Jericho. No hands! Insane!

Jericho slams Darby onto his skateboard. 2 count.

Darby mounts a comeback with his hands tied. But then Jake Hager slugs Darby and Jericho puts him in the Walls of Jericho.

Match End: Darby Allin verbally taps and Chris Jericho retains the AEW World Championship.

The rest of The Inner Circle head to the ring to celebrate with “A Little Bit of the Bubbly” as the show ends.