Take it to the Table- Hell in a Cell Rant

Hello Gang,

I have returned to AllWrestling.com *Huge Pop* and welcome to a new RANT Special of Take It To The Table.

Now…If you are an avid Wrestling Fan like me, there’s a high chance you have watched WWE Hell In A Cell 2019, and there’s also a high chance the only thing you can remember the HIAC PPV in the Main Event. Not because of the awesome spots or the amazing storytelling, not because of the twists and swerves in the match, and not because of the ‘incredible lighting’. But for the absolute ridiculousness and poor direction they went with.

I had to do an episode for this..or should I say Rant, and I had my boy Ridez alongside me, and he did NOT hold back. If you’ve seen previous episodes, Ridez is usually the humble one in the group, so if you get him shouting and swearing, you know you done f’d up!

And we also touch on the first night of the WWE Draft as well…Ridez did not see it at the time of recording, but after being told what happened, he did not hold back!

Anyways, enough reading and let’s get into this Hilarious episode with myself ESGR Chaos and Ridez and most importantly, let’s Take It……To The Table!

And I present to you…The Fall and Failure of WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 (Warning: Strong Language Throughout)

– ESGR Chaos