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WEEKLY GOODS- WWE Draft and “Blockbuster Trade” Edition

Hello AW Wrestling,

So the WWE Draft is now over, with USA Network and FOX theoretically happy with their new rosters as we head into was we have been told will be an era of a true brand split for the first time since the original split back in 2002.

Though there have been talks of a supposed “blockbuster trade” occurring between the two tonight on the inaugural episode of the WWE Backstage tonight after the Game 3 of the ALCS between the Yankees and the Astros.

After the results were leaked just prior to Night 1 of the WWE Draft on SmackDown last week, this trade is thought to be a pivot by WWE to shake up the results after being spoiled. But, that hasn’t curbed the speculation online about who will be involved in this trade, most of it centred around bringing “The Fiend” back to Monday nights, especially after the way Monday Night Raw ended.

Now, this latest confrontation between Seth Rollins and Bray Wyatt could just be for the build up to Crown Jewel, the latest Saudi show taking place in just over two weeks on Halloween, as the two are scheduled to compete in a Falls Count Anywhere match for the Universal Championship at the event.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me either way. I didn’t mind this latest edition of the “Firefly Funhouse,” because even though the end of Hell in a Cell was terrible, there is still some juice to this Rollins/Wyatt feud, especially if Seth continues to add some more edge to his god-awful babyface character. If Bray moving to Raw means he’ll continue this feud with Rollins, then I think that’s alright– although that doesn’t seem to be the case for many fans online– but if he remains on SmackDown, then who is it that Bray will go after next: Roman Reigns? Yeah, I’m sure that’ll go over better than Rollins… Ali? They keep hyping up that he’s the “Harbinger of Light,” so maybe there’s a match there? Strowman, after he’s done with Tyson Fury in Saudi Arabia? I dunno, either way it’ll be interesting to see what they do with Wyatt.

For myself, if there’s going to be radical movement between the brands, then I’m more interested in Daniel Bryan somehow being traded to Raw. With Rollins, AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens, and even Ricochet and Drew McIntyre wrestling on Mondays, I want to see Daniel Bryan involved in a long program with another high-end worker and get another deep singles run. As of right now, maybe he can be booked against Shinsuke Nakamura for an Intercontinental Championship feud, or even the aforementioned Ali or even “The Fiend.” But, the way he’s been booked lately, I worry that he and Roman Reigns are going to be tagging and feuding with The Revival for the SmackDown Tag Team Championship… Ah well, a title run’s a title run, right?

There were also a couple of title changes over the last week of WWE wrestling, with the Viking Raiders taking down Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler on Monday the win the Raw Tag Team Championship (just before the former champions were drafted away to SmackDown), and Charlotte Flair dropping the SmackDown Women’s Championship back to Bayley on Friday (only for Charlotte to then be drafted to Raw on Monday).

The Viking Raiders winning was great, and the crowd was hot for them to get that win. But, the real story was Bayley. Not only because she won, but because of who she finally became to do it.

“Hey bitches, screw all of you!”

I’ve written a couple of times about this slow burn turning Bayley heel, and in the end it was executed pretty well. Three things that had to happen to seal the turn finally happened in one fell swoop: 1. The hair had to change (I had initially said just for her to dye it black and move the side pony to a just a back pony; dyeing it and cutting it was a better touch); 2. The wacky-armed-inflatable-tubemen had to go, and hacking them down with a poker-axe thing broke the hearts of children everywhere; 3. She just needed a real edge. I think it’s fair to say that that quote above qualifies as “edgy.” I do wish that the finish had been a little dirtier, with maybe a weapon or something a little bit more nefarious than just hair pulling to get to pin, but I’ll take that win regardless.

WWE lived in an era where fans constantly clamoured for John Cena to make a heel turn, but WWE never pulled that trigger, with the reported concern always being that Cena was just too over with the young fanbase and in merch sales. A cowardly excuse? Perhaps, but it never happened regardless. Bayley was in a similar boat. No, she is not John Cena. She is nowhere near as popular across media and entertainment, but she was one of the true whitemeat babyfaces around and kids did love her. So for WWE (or possibly FOX executives) to decide to go in this direction is encouraging. That perhaps with new directives from above– and the product that AEW is putting out– that we can get some storytelling that some of the good things that made the Attitude Era so revered.

Now we just wait and see what this trade brings and which direction both shows go as we head towards Survivor Series.