Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown 10/11/2019

The WWE Draft begins tonight on SmackDown. Who will go to which show? What kind of surprises are we in for?

Match #1: Singles Match to determine the first overall pick in the draft tonight.
Roman Reigns (SmackDown) v Universal Champion Seth Rollins (Raw)

“We many never get to see these two face off again”. Okay, calm down Cole…don’t act like this “brand split” can’t be wildcard’d away at any moment it doesn’t work out.

This has been a very very good match between Rollins and Reigns.

Then the lights go out….

The Fiend attacks Rollins and tries to drag him through the ring. Seth pops back out and is terrified.

I guess that means Raw wins the first pick because of DQ?

Oh no, they have “draft war rooms” for FOX and USA networks. I have never wanted a GM for each brand more than I do right now.

…he says as they introduce Stephanie McMahon to make the picks.

Draft Round 1:

Raw Drafts: Raw Woman’s Champion The Man Becky Lynch

SmackDown Drafts: Roman Reigns

RAW Drafts: The O.C. All three members!

SmackDown drafts: Bray Wyatt

RAW Drafts: Drew McIntyre

Then they show the “FOX Executives” who are totally not poor actors at all celebrating them picking Roman with their first pick. So so so so so bad.

Match #2: Singles Match
King Corbin v Chad Gable

Before the match starts Corbin comes out to make short jokes about Gable and to get some cheap local heat.

Troy Aikman and Joe Buck talk about the draft before Gable is introduced. Troy says his finishing move would be a piledriver. A man who has had over 9 concussions would drop someone else on their head? Good one Troy.

Wait…they changed Chad Gable to Shorty Gable? What the actual hell!? Why? So bad.

Thankfully Chad (I refuse to call him shorty) Gable is still an amazing wrestler. The guy deserves so much better.

Match End: King Corbin hits End of Days then pins Gable to win. Boo.

Draft Round 2:

Raw drafts: Randy Orton

SmackDown Drafts: Sasha Banks

RAW Drafts: Ricochet

SmackDown Drafts: Braun Strowman

RAW Drafts: Bobby Lashley

Recap of Tyson Fury v Braun Strowman from the last two shows. Yawn.

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

Paul says that Brock fears reliving his defeat in UFC at the hands of Cain Velasquez. Says Brock is going to conquer his fears when he beats Velasquez. What a promo!

As he finishes up Rey Mysterio’s music hits and Rey and Cain walk out. They show a slideshow of Velasquez beating Brock in UFC including a great photo of Lesnar very bloody. Cain says he’ll give Lesnar a matching scar on the other side of his face. Intense staredown.

Right after they show New Day backstage while Big E does their intro. I love when they show this.

Match #3: 6-man Tag Team Match
The New Day v The O.C.

6 man tags are always the same. Everyone got their moves in.

Match End: Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise and pins AJ for the win.

Draft Round 3:

RAW Drafts: Alexa Bliss

SmackDown Drafts: Lacey Evans

RAW Drafts: Kevin Owens

SmackDown Drafts: SmackDown Tag Team Champions The Revival

RAW Drafts: Natalya

Draft Round 4:

RAW Drafts: The Viking Raiders

SmackDown Drafts: Lucha House Party

RAW Drafts: Nikki Cross

SmackDown Drafts: Heavy Machinery

RAW drafts: Street Profits

The second half of the draft will happen on RAW on Monday night.

Main Event: SmackDown Woman’s Championship Match
Charlotte Flair(c) v Bayley

Bayley is all smiles during her entrance, but then her tone changes. Her music stops when the inflatables inflate and she picks up a sharp object and pops the “Bayley Buddies”. Also she doesn’t have a side ponytail anymore, instead black hair. Her turn is complete!

Charlotte gets bloody during this match. I didn’t see how, but it looks cool!

Bayley hits the Bayley to Belly (her finish) but Charlotte kicks out!

Bayley throws a tantrum and ends up getting hit with Natural Selection…then when Charlotte goes for the Figure 8 Bayley rolls up Charlotte…

Match End: Bayley is the new SmackDown Woman’s Champion!!! New awesome music and a sinister smile to go with it. I love this!

Bayley grabs a mic and says: “Screw all of you!”

The show ends.

This week wasn’t as impactful as last week, but ended very strong with the final turn of squeeky clean Bayley to the darkside.