Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/9/2019

The second episode of AEW Dynamite is live from Boston. The number 1 contender for the AEW Championship is crowned, and the World Tag Team Championship Tournament begins tonight.

I said it last week, but I really enjoy that AEW isn’t shy to educate their audience about who is wrestling or where they came from before AEW.

Match #1: Tag Team Tournament Match Round 1
The Young Bucks v Private Party

All of the tag teams in the tournament are sitting around ringside.

Private Party have a bouncer and a velvet rope during their entrance. Amazing.

Don’t blink during a Young Bucks/Private Party match. No rest holds here, just high spots. Entertainment.

The crowd chants “Tag Team Wrestling!”

4 Northern Lights suplexes chained together followed by a double one for good measure gets a 2 count here.

A massive shooting star press! 2 count.

Match End: Private Party counter the Young Bucks finisher and sneak in a pin for the win to advance in the tournament. What an upset!

TSN got the memo about the split screen commercial breaks TNT does. We get an ad, but also get to see Private Party celebrate their win in the crowd while a very dejected Young Bucks walk to the back. Very cool touch.

AEW Champion Chris Jericho arrives with his posse of Sammy Guevara, Jake Hager, Ortiz, and Santana. Is this the first in ring promo for AEW on TNT?

Crowd chants: “Thank you Jericho!”

Jericho introduces his “list” (pop) of friends with a nice brief badass bio each.

Crowd Chants: “We the people!”

Jericho: “We the people sucks and it’s dead and buried. It was a stupid idea from bad creative and all that’s gone!”

Chris Jericho is my hero right now.

Jericho is calling this group “The Inner Circle”

Jericho calls out Cody and his “stupid family” and says Dusty was a jerk. That’s how you get the heat. He also said the thing…about bubbly. You know. That was quite the promo.

Match #2: #1 Contenders Match for the AEW Championship
Jimmy Havok v Darby Allin

I love split screen wrestler promos during entrances.

I’m pretty hyped for this match. I’ve been impressed and disgusted by both wrestlers during their past AEW matches. This is going to be good.

A suplex from the apron to the outside? Jesus…

I think this ref is afraid of Havok. I know I would be.

Havok beats the snot out of Darby all match so you know how this is going to end…

Match End: Darby Allin wins after the Coffin Drop and he gets a title shot next week again Chris Jericho!

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Brea Priestley & Sakura v Dr. Britt Baker & AEW Woman’s World Champion Riho

It doesn’t take this match long to turn into a brawl outside the ring between Baker and Priestley. Eventually it’s broken up by a flying Riho to the outside.

Split screen ad plays while the match continues on the smaller silent screen 2 counts and decent moves too. The best parts of this match happened during this commercial break.

Sakura is pretty subtlety awesome. She won’t win anything, but she’s great.

Tony Schiavone had a nice moment I loved during this match when Sakura hit a Vader Bomb. “Is that what they’re calling that now? That’s awesome…” I felt his genuine love that something he used to call is being used still.

Match End: Britt Baker forces Sakura to submit with a “real” mandible claw.

The Best Friends have a video of them slow motion hugging while wearing Canadian Tuxedo with a jacked up truck in the background. Then they’re interviewed ringside but instead they ask Orange Cassidy what he thinks. He gives them a very lazy thumbs up. Amazing.

Match #4: Singles Match
Shawn Spears w/Tully Blanchard v Jon Moxley

PAC has joined the commentary team for this match.

This is Moxley’s first official match in AEW. The other one wasn’t sanctioned remember.

Tully Blanchard has been all over this match and its driving Jim Ross nuts.

PAC says his win/loss record is unparalleled in pro wrestling. Says he has only been pinned twice in 2 years. If true that’s extremely impressive!

JR called this match a SlobberKnocker! No more notes needed…

Match End: Jon Moxley pins Spears after his double arm DDT. SlobberKnocker

After the match Kenny Omega walks out with a barbed wire wrapped bat and broom. He tosses the bat to Moxley but keeps the broom. PAC takes out Omega with a chair from behind then walks away. Moxley stands over Kenny with the bat, but then walks to the back instead. No barbed wire was harmed today.

Main Event: Tag Team Match
Dustin Rhodes & Hangman Adam Page v Sammy Guevara & AEW World Champion Chris Jericho w/Jake Hager

Think about how many hours of wrestling there has been between Chris Jericho and Dustin Rhodes and they’re still going at a high level today. Impressive.

JR and Tony keep talking about how much Adam Page reminds them of Barry Windham. Then they talk about how awesome Dustin was when he started in WCW so they called him The Natural. Some great nostalgia trips while calling this match and I’m along for the ride here.

JR: “Business has just picked up!” is how he called a hot tag.

Jake Hager takes out Adam Page outside the ring and JR called him a Zamboni.

Hager also takes out Dustin Rhodes while he had Jericho hanging on the ropes.

Match End: Jericho hits Rhodes with the Judas Effect then pins him to win the match.

After the match The Inner Circle gang up on Page and Rhodes. Adam Page and Hager brawl to the back while Sammy and Jericho beat on Dustin Rhodes.

Then the lights go out.

It’s Cody!

Cross Rhodes to Sammy. Then face to face with Jericho! Out run Santana & Ortiz and take out Cody. Out runs MJF with a chair to save Cody…or is he…he does! He takes out Santana & Ortiz with the chair, but Jericho hits him with the codebreaker.

Out come The Young Bucks. Super kick party to Santana & Otriz. Jericho grabs his title and walks up the ramp.


Jericho grabs a mic and tells everyone that the Inner Circle is taking control as the show ends.

That was one hell of a second episode.