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Mock Drafting Raw and SmackDown

Hello AW Universe,

This Friday, on the second episode of SmackDown on FOX, WWE will be holding another Draft, splitting the entire company in two (though not really, since Raw is longer and gets more wrestlers). So, in honour of this occasion, two of the Powers That Be here at All Wrestling will be mocking drafting the shows.

Drafting for Monday Night Raw will be The Editor, Nicklaus Good and drafting for Friday Night SmackDown will be All Wrestling Moderator, Overlord & Master, The Commish.

Wrestling a Three Stages of Hell match, with The Editor winning in a third-and-deciding fall inside a Steel Cage, the first pick goes to Monday Night Raw. 

Some ground rules:

  • The draft will be 22 rounds long.
  • Because of the length of the program, Monday Night Raw will be drafting an extra Superstar beginning after the 12th round (though tag teams remain as a single pick); the picks will not snake.
  • NXT talent cannot be drafted.
  • Established tag teams can be drafted together, but can also be drafted individually.
  • Each champion is automatically protected by the draft and remain on their respective show (except for the Women’s Tag Team Champions)

Monday Night Raw Champions:

Universal Champion: Seth Rollins

Women’s Champion: Becky Lynch

United States Champion: AJ Styles

Tag Team Champions: Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode

Friday Night SmackDown Champions:

WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Women’s Champion: Charlotte Flair

Intercontinental Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

Tag Team Champions: The Revival (Dash Wilder & Scott Dawson)

Round 1

Monday Night Raw: Daniel Bryan

“Still one of the greatest wrestlers on earth, who hasn’t had the proper main event push in too long. He’s immediately booked into the Universal title picture.”

Friday Night SmackDown: “The Friend” Bray Wyatt

“Wow, really? You’re just going to let The Fiend slip through your fingers? Well, okay. He’s so over right now, that my show is immediately the better brand. WHAT AN IDIOT!”

Round 2

Monday Night Raw: Samoe Joe

“SmackDown has long been the “wrestling” show. That stops now. Raw has its top heel.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Braun Strowan

“Well, you take your Samoa Joe, and I’ll take the Monster Among Men. Immediately booked into the main event.”

Round 3

Monday Night Raw: Big E

“The New Day’s run has been fantastic, entertaining, and well-executed. But it’s time for the power of positivity to end, give Big E a chip on his should and get the single’s push he needs. He’s booked immediately against Samoa Joe.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Sasha Banks

“SmackDown already features the best women’s wrestler with our champion, Charlotte Flair, so why not have the second best woman’s wrestler to immediately feud with the champ?”

Round 4

Monday Night Raw: Alexa Bliss

“Hmm. Interesting. The Commish claimed he was drafting the best women’s wrestler left on the board, and yet here Alexa Bliss remains. Monday Night Raw has the hottest face champion right now, so let’s draft and book the best heel against her.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Ricochet

“Let’s get some developmental talent on Friday Nights!”

Round 5

Monday Night Raw: Roman Reigns

“The Big Dog slips to the fifth round? What an absolute steal for Raw. Going to have to earn back his yard, though…”

Friday Night SmackDown: Rusev

The Commish was really excited about this one; said something about Sable… There’s reason to believe that The Commish believes he’s drafting Mark Mero. After all, he did just point to the picture and said, “THAT ONE!”

Round 6

Monday Night Raw: Kevin Owens

“Raw is the Kevin Owens Show. Time to distance yourself from all that crap you’ve been going through on SmackDown and just focus on wrestling, title opportunities, and providing for your family, KO.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane)

“Let’s fill out the women’s division here on SmackDown, and bring two of the best wrestlers in the division to Friday nights!”

*The Editor eyes this pick with calculating eyes*

Round 7

Monday Night Raw: Randy Orton

“This man has wrestling in his blood and deserves to be under the bright lights of WWE’s flagship program.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Elias

“On Fridays, we WALK WITH ELIAS.”

Round 8

Monday Night Raw: Bayley

“Really? The last member of the Four Horsewomen just falls right onto the Monday night stage. Yup, I’ll take that.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Cesaro

“This is a man who’s been putting in the hard, noble work for awhile now and needs some time in the spotlight.”

Round 9

Monday Night Raw: Aleister Black

“Some will say this might be off the board, but this, my good Commish, is true developmental talent.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods

“Apparently Monday has no place for fun, enthusiasm, and the Power of Positivity, but SmackDown is still here for it! Plus, we get one of the best tag teams in the bizzzzz.”

Round 10

Monday Night Raw: Ali

“One of the most exciting superstars in the ring, just needs an opportunity to get back into title contention.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan

The Commish would like to make one thing clear: “the Wyatt Family will NOT be reuniting.”

Round 11

Monday Night Raw: Apollo Crews

“Mondays are all about opportunity now; it’s time for Crews to get his.”

Friday Night SmackDown: The OC (Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson)

“Some might think that Gallows & Anderson shouldn’t be separated from AJ Styles. Well, here on Friday nights, they deserve their own opportunity.”

Round 12

Monday Night Raw: The Iconics (Peyton Royce & Billy Kay)

“A steal by drafting these two as a team. These are two of the best wrestlers in the Women’s Division, and the fact that Raw can get these two together before the 12th round is robbery.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Natalya

“Wow, so SmackDown already has Charlotte Flair and Sasha Banks and now we get the Queen of Harts? This is a steal.”

Round 13

Monday Night Raw: Lacey Evans/Mandy Rose

“You must see what I’m doing here, right my good Commish?”

Friday Night SmackDown: The Viking Raiders

“Sorry, I’m far too busy getting steals late in this draft.”

Round 14

Monday Night Raw: Heavy Machinery

“One of the best up-and-coming teams today; welcome to Monday nights.”

Friday Night SmackDown: The Miz

“An A-list star, a fantastic interviewer (with the best interview show on WWE programming), and an even better champion!”

Round 15

Monday Night Raw: Drew McIntyre/Andrade

“This is where Raw takes over. Mondays get a bruiser and an incredible athlete with one pick? This isn’t fair.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Sheamus 

“Everyone forgets about one of the most dominate superstars over the past decade!”

Round 16

Monday Night Raw: Cedric Alexander/Buddy Murphy

“Just even more evidence that Raw is now the premiere wrestling show.”

Friday Night SmackDown: R-Truth

“A true legend. And yes, the 24/7 Championship is now exclusive to SmackDown.”

Round 17

Monday Night Raw: Chad Gable/Baron Corbin

“A King and his mortal enemy. It’s fitting that these two come over to Mondays together.”

Friday Night SmackDown: The Authors of Pain

“Friday nights are about to become VERY violent.”

Round 18

Monday Night Raw: Nikki Cross/Dana Brooke

“You MUST see what’s going on now, right?”

Friday Night SmackDown: Ember Moon

“Yes, SmackDown is getting all the best wrestlers.”

Round 19

Monday Night Raw: Rey Mysterio/Lashley

“Well, if that’s the case, then why is it I have a TRUE legend in Mysterio and one of the most dominate men in the history of this business?”

Friday Night SmackDown: Zack Ryder


Round 20

Monday Night Raw: Lucha House Party

“Three fantastic athletes with one pick? You’re lucky this thing is almost over.”

Friday Night SmackDown: Jinder Mahal

“Fridays will not hinder Jinder.”

Round 21

Monday Night Raw: Zelina Vega/Carmella

“You have to see it now!”

Friday Night SmackDown: Lana

“I see a decisive victory for SmackDown, sir.”

Round 22

Monday Night Raw: Ethan Carter III

“Well, this is the last wrestler on the board so I don’t know what you plan on doing…”

Friday Night SmackDown: The Hardys

“One was he? Or did you forget about one of the most decorated tag teams in WWE history? And yes, they are coming to Friday nights as a team! Now THAT’s a steal!”


The Editor trades Raw Tag Team Champions Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler to Friday Night SmackDown in exchange for the Women’s Tag Team Champions, The Kabuki Warriors (Asuke & Kairi Sane).

The Editor: “It’s a new dawn for Monday Night Raw, where the Women’s Division will get the full coverage it deserves. There will no longer be a men’s tag team division on Raw, Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler will be the last   Raw Tag Team Champions. That championship is now on SmackDown for The Commish to do with what he chooses. The Kabuki Warriors are the ONLY Tag Team Champions on Monday nights.

The Commish: “The Editor is doingaway with the Tag Team division?? I don’t have to even do anything to drive that show into the ground, he’s just going to do it himself? Well, SmackDown will happily be THE showcase for tag team wrestling. I’ll make a match announcement right now! The first Friday night following the draft will feature The Revival taking on Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode to determine the UNDISPUTED Tag Team Champions of WWE!”

🚨Transaction Alert🚨

BREAKING NEWS: FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN signs Ronda Rousey to an exclusive contract.

The Commish: “HAHA. So The Editor trades away his tag division to me– BEFORE I blindside him with drafting the Hardys– so Monday Night Raw can showcase the women’s division, only for ME to sign the most dominate, electrifying, and impactful women’s athlete of all time to wrestle EXCLUSIVELY on Friday nights?? HAHAHA, this draft could not have gone better for SmackDown! Say hello to the new flagship show in WWE!”

The Editor: “… This is a classic move by The Commish: signing the big name without considering the rest of the roster. I’m confident in the wrestlers I’ve drafted, and in the end, the true talent will be showcased. The Women’s Division will be the greatest fans have ever seen, with compelling personalties, great mic work, and athleticism. I am not concerned. Raw will always be the flagship. But I will also not forget this. I will get The Commish back for this.” 

Monday Night Raw

Friday Night SmackDown

Singles Division Singles Division
Seth Rollins (C) Brock Lesnar (C)
AJ Styles (C) Shinsuke Nakamura (C)
Daniel Bryan “The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt
Samoa Joe Braun Strowman
Big E Ricochet
Kevin Owens Rusev
Roman Reigns Elias
Randy Orton Cesaro
Aleister Black Apollo Crews
Chad Gable Sheamus
Drew McIntyre R-Truth
Apollo Crews The Miz
Ali Zack Ryder
Andrade Jinder Mahal
Cedric Alexander Robert Roode
Rey Mysterio Dolph Ziggler
Buddy Murphy
Drew McIntyre
Baron Corbin
Women’s Division Women’s Division
Becky Lynch (C) Charlotte Flair (C)
Alexa Bliss Sasha Banks
Bayley Ronda Rousey
Lacey Evans Ember Moon
Peyton Royce Lana
Billy Kay Natalya
Mandy Rose
Zelina Vega
Dana Brooke
Nikki Cross
Asuka (C)
Kairi Sane (C)
Tag Team Division Tag Team Division
Lucha House Party The Viking Raiders
Heavy Machinery Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode
Kofi Kingston & Xavier Woods
The OC
Luke Harper & Erick Rowan
The Authors of Pain
The Hardys

Both shows then chose their commentary teams, with two surprise signings for the colour analyst position.

Vic Joseph (Play-by-Play)                                                                  Mauro Ronallo (Play-by-Play)

Adam “Edge” Copeland (Colour)                                                       Wade “Badnews” Barrett (Colour)

Renee Young                                                                                        Corey Graves

What do you think? Who drafted the better brand that you would tune in to watch every week? How would you draft the shows?