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AEW (After)Dark: Results and Review

Hello AW Universe,

AEW premiered their new show on their official All Elite Wrestling YouTube channel last night, but what exactly was it and how was it?

So the show is both a recap and match showcase hosted by Tony Schiavone, going over the events from last week’s Dynamite, while showing a number of the dark matches that took place before and during the previous week’s event. It’s a quick hour, and gets everything in that one would need to stay up to date. So here’s a tight little recap of the matches.

Dary Allin Vs. Cima

Allin is obviously getting the push as he heads into the Heavyweight Championship picture, so he gets the win after a pretty good match. On to Boston for him.

The Hybrid 2 & Lucha Bros. Vs. Private Party & Best Friends

No doubt the biggest pop of this entire thing was when Orange Cassidy came out with Private Party. This guy is cool and hilarious, but didn’t really get to do much in this one and when  This match is actually an example of what I hate in indie-style booking; it’s a bit of a mess with all eight guys trying to get their stuff in with no real storytelling. The crowd got hot when Cassidy got punched, so there’s heat behind him.

Britt Baker & Allie Vs. Penelope Ford & Bea Priestley

Good showcase for four relatively unknown women. The crowd was definitely the flattest for this match, but they all worked a good match. It feel like it seemed pretty clear that Dr. Britt Baker is the wrestler that’s getting the main event push and looked really good in this match. She gets the win. She’s a wrestler who’s also a dentist! Interesting gimmick. Will she be wearing a mask and seeking revenge on her half-sister who tried to burn her alive in a couple years? We’ll have to find out!

SCU Vs. Jurassic Express

Luchasauraus is awesome. His chokeslam-to-standing-moonsault combo is fantastic. I still can’t figure out if SCU’s gimmick is that they’re supposed to be cheesy and lame, or tough and cool. Either way, they just seem like a group of recently divorced dad’s going through a mid-life crisis who are trying out Tinder for the first time and are dressed like they’re going to the clubs.

This is probably an obvious observation, but Excalibur is a fantastic commentator. It was only he and JR on this show, and as legendary and iconic as his voice is, there’s a step that’s been lost. Still love JR. He adds that level of passion that, frankly, only Mauro seems to have in WWE.

Interesting show. Can’t say I’ll be watching it every week, but it’s a nice place-holder.