Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 10/7/2019

Monday Night Raw recovers from the online backlash after last night’s finish to Hell in a Cell…if they can.

The show starts with a recap of Bobby Lashley making out with Lana while her husband Rusev was in the ring. Scandalous!

After the music video that opens the show Randy Orton and King Corbin are stomping Rusev in the ring. Then Bobby Lashley appears on the screen filming from Rusev’s bedroom at home. Strange, his bedroom sure does look like a hotel room. Lana says she took all his money. Then she gets naked with Bobby as the video cuts off.

Randy and Corbin are laughing at Rusev for crying about his wife so he beats them up.

Y’all wanted the attitude era back…well…it’s wasn’t all beer cans and blood folks…

Match #1: Last Woman Standing Match
Lacey Evans v Natalya

Lacey gets some last second verbal shots in before Natalya gets to the ring.

Natalya spends the first half of this match beating the snot out of Lacey. Even put her in the sharpshooter.

After the commercial break Lacey has taken full control and is keeping Natalya down for 7 and 8 counts. Then she starts hitting Natalya with kendo sticks.

Lacey sits Natalya down in a chair, then locks into the chair with a kendo stick and pushes her over. That’s a first. Almost works too.

Lacey hits Natalya with the trashcan (full of trash) she brought to ringside with Natalya spray painted on it, but Natalya keeps getting up. They take the fight up the ramp.

Natalya is officially the first person to slide down the new set. Twice.

Match End: Natalya powerbombs Lacey off of the stage and through a table! The ref counts to 10. What a match!

Aleister Black is in his room again wanting to do battle with someone.

Street Profits are on hyping the draft and saying Superstars names. Not yelling yet. Then, yelling.

They spend another few minutes hyping Tyson King…then finally he appears in a backstage interview hyping his appearance later. Should I know who this guy is?

Match #2: Tag Team Match
The Viking Raiders v Raw Tag Team Champions Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler

The climb of the Viking Raiders to the tag titles has been fun to watch.

This match has been too entertaining to type and watch. Tag Team wrestling at its finest.

Match End: The Vikings put away the Raw Tag Team Champions after one hell of a match. They have to get a shot at the belts soon I hope.

Backstage Aleister Black is going to head to the ring and see if anyone is going to pick a fight with him.

After the break the Bollywood Boys (!) are in the ring…then the lights go out and Aleister Black’s music hits. Uh oh…

Match #3: 2-on-1 Match
The Singh Brothers v Aleister Black

This one is all Black as expected. Big kicks multiple times on the brothers.

Match End: Aleister Black forces a submission with a move I’ve never seen before. Very cool.

Backstage Braun Strowman is asked about Tyson Fury. Get these hands!

There has been a lot of patting their own backs about SmackDown and Raw last week. There have been 3 or 4 video packages talking about how amazing last week was already.

Recap of Rey Mysterio/Brock Lesnar feud followed by a backstage interview with Mysterio. Says Dominic is okay and he’s proud of him. Calls Brock a bully for beating his son while Rey was hurt. Says Cain Velasquez is Dominic’s Godfather and then hypes his UFC win over Brock. Pretty intense interview by Rey. Loved it!

Match #4: Six Man Tag Match
The O.C. v Lucha House Party

Here’s a team just waiting for the draft to be over before they can reset and start being awesome again. Quick, which team am I talking about?

Match End: AJ Styles lands the phenomenal forearm then gets the pin for the win.
Afterwards The O.C. continue to beat down the Lucha House Party with a Super Styles Clash to add insult to injury.

Recap of the amazing Hell in a Cell match between Becky Lynch and Sasha Banks. That match opened the show last night and stole the whole show.

Miz TV: Woman’s Championship Showcase with Raw Woman’s Champion Becky Lynch and SmackDown Woman’s Champion Charlotte Flair.

Miz spends some time hyping Tyson Fury and Cain Velasquez being on SmackDown last week. Pretty interesting how proud RAW is about SmackDown last week. (haha)

Becky is introduced then Charlotte. Miz then lists all the covers Becky has been on this year. Becky says she got banged up last night but she’s still full of fire.
Charlotte takes issue with Miz saying they are dominant Women…why not just dominant?
Becky: “Look at you over there with the belt I made famous.”
Charlotte: “I made YOU famous.”

Asuka and Kari Sane come out and cut a promo in Japanese and it sounded amazing!

Jerry Lawler cracks jokes during it. Shut up King…

Becky is ready to settle the score is Asuka and a light brawl happens before the match.

Match #5: Tag Team Match
RAW and SmackDown Woman’s Champions Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair v Woman’s Tag Team Champions The Kabuki Warriors

This was shirt but sweet match that got the point across with the time they had.

Becky gets Kari Sane in the disarm her but Asuka crawls into the ring behind the refs back and…GREEN MIST!!!

Match End: Kari Sane pins the blinded Becky for the win.
After the match Charlotte attacks the Kabuki Warriors but gets overwhelmed until Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross run in and take out the Tag Champs.

More hype for Tyson Fury. Big time hype machine this time. They go over his full boxing resume with authority.

Match #6: Singles Match
Ricochet v Apollo Crews

This match is about the draft apparently…

These two came out to showcase and they are doing just that. Great match that means nothing.

Match End: Ricochet wins, but in an unexpected (also known as not with his finisher) way. Apollo looked shocked.

Recap of Seth Rollins v The Fiend Hell in a Cell match. Really important hilighting how far Rollins had to go to keep Bray down…and how it didn’t work.
(not used were the crowd chants)

Are you sick of me typing the name Tyson Fury yet? If you watched the show you’d know how many times they said his name in 3 hours. This better be good.

Jerry Lawler is in the ring which is surrounded by security as he announces Tyson Fury to the ring. Somehow the commentary team hyped this more while he walks out.

By the way, the crowd couldn’t give two shits about him.

Fury demands that Braun apologize for what he did on SmackDown. Braun makes his way to the ring.

Strowman says the last thing Fury wants is to be in his ring. “I would have eaten you as lunch”

How many heavyweight titles have you won? Nice burn by Fury.

Fury pushes Braun, then Braun picks him up as security rushes the ring to seperate the men.

Eventually Tyson Fury starts knocking out security. So does Braun. They get in the ring together and the locker room runs in to break up the fight. Which of course doesn’t work. Oh hey look it’s Devon Dudley! Oh look, Eric Young is still around.

This is the classic hold them back stuff WWE does. That goes back and forth one too many times before they end the show.

All that hype…

Braun is interviewed backstage and he fired up. He’s not apologizing, instead he runs back down to the ring as they end the show.