Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Dynamite 10/2/2019

It’s the innagural episode of AEW Dynamite, and the world of professional wrestling is forever changed. Is that me being dramatic? Maybe, but it’s a pretty big deal.


Jim Ross’ legendary voice greets us tonight and introduces us to his broadcast partners Excalibur and TONY SCHIAVONE!!!

The voice of the WWF Attitude era, and the voice of WCW join forces in 2019 to guide us while we enjoy AEW. Wrestling is back on TNT and TSN in Canada, and the WCW mark I was in high school is freaking out. What a time to be a wrestling fan folks.

Before our first match they show a hype video package showcasing both wrestlers. Smart stuff for a new show. Gotta know who, what, and why.

Match #1: Singles Match
“The American Nightmare” Cody w/Brandi Rhodes v Sammy Guevara

This is the first wrestling match on TNT since 2001. Wow…I’m getting old haha.

This is the first time I’ve seen a Sammy Guevara match and I’m enjoying his style. It’s spotty, but also sell heavy. The kid can crumple.

Cody dives to the outside and Sammy pulls Brandi in the way and she hits pretty hard into the barrier. Yikes. Brandi gets her revenge a few minutes later while the ref isn’t looking.

Guevara kicks out at 2 after a few huge moves then follows up with a Spanish Fly. My goodness.

Match End: Cody rolls up Guevara after getting the knees up stopping a shooting star press. Cody gets the first win of AEW on TNT. Impressive match.

Cody and Sammy shake hands after the match but then AEW World Champion Chris Jericho attacks Cody from behind. Jericho hits Cody with the Code Breaker as they cut to commercial.

When we get back from the break it looks like Chis Jericho has been beating Cody all break. There’s debris all over ringside. Then Jericho powerbombs Cody through 2 set up chairs. Grabs a mic and tells everyone that he’s the champion of AEW as they show a recap of what just happened. Then awkward cut to the next match

Match #2: Singles Match
Brandon Cuttler v MJF

MJF talks his way to the ring the only way he can to a chorus of “asshole” chants and boos from the crowd. Just tears apart Cuttler and the crowd without mercy. MJF probably dreams promos better than most wrestlers. Wow.

Brandon Cuttler has some work to do here to prove himself and he kind of gets there until the end.

Match End: MJF forces Cuttler to tap after an awkward stumble from the top rope by Cuttler. A short match that will probably build into something more as the week go on, or at least I hope so.

Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes are in the crowd! TX2 interrupt the interview and start talking smack to Jay Mewes. Jay smacks back (verbally) saying “you aren’t even good enough to win a match”. Roasted! Then Private Party show up and give Kevin and Jay some drinks then everyone leaves. Cool segment, but I’m a big Smith fan.

SCU are shown outside the White House. THIS IS…THE WORST TOWN WE’VE EVER BEEN IN! Classic.

SCU cut a promo live on stage but are cut off by The Lucha Brothers. They end up brawling of course but are broken up by backstage producers led by Dean Malenko.

Match #3: Singles Match
“Hangman” Adam Page v “The Bastad” PAC

In the words of Tony Schiavone “It’s time to kick this show into high gear.”

I miss watching PAC wrestle every week.

Crowd is red hot for this one right off the hop.

PAC and Page are here to steal the show. Page keep playing to the crowd and its driving JR and Schiavone up the wall.

PAC hits Page with a low blow that Earl Hebner doesn’t see. Then he hits the Black Arrow and follows up with his submission The Brutalizer.

Match End: Earl Hebner calls for the bell after Adam Page submits to The Brutalizer. PAC wins.

Match #4: AEW Woman’s World Championship Match
“The Native Beast” Nyla Rose v Riho

Dr. Brit Baker joins the announce team for this match.

The story of this match is the size advantage, but technically every Riho match has that story.

Riho dives from the top rope to the outside and Nyla Rose catches her splash attempt. Holy smokes!

Nyla keeps grabbing weapons like this is a no DQ match, which it isn’t. Instead she stacks a bunch of chairs into a pile and then puts Riho on top. The dive fails and Rose is hurt.

Very very close 2 count by Riho on Rose gets this crowd back on its feet. It’s quickly followed by a brutal Death Valley Driver 2 count by Rose.

Riho hits a superplex on Rose! Kickout!

Match End: Riho becomes the first ever AEW Woman’s World Champion after multiple running knees lead to a pin fall. Incredible!

After the match Michael Nakazowa tries to interview Riho, but Nyla Rose attacks him and hits a massive sitdown powerbomb then goes after Riho. Kenny Omega runs out and saves his student Riho from the attack by Nyla Rose.

Main Event: 6-man Tag Team Match
The Elite (Young Bucks & Kenny Omega) v Santana & Ortiz and AEW World Champion Chris Jericho

One fall with a remaining TV time limit. Jim Ross pops for that.

Chris Jericho playing mind games with Omega early. Keeps tagging out.

Kenny hits some big moves on Santana & Ortiz then gets caught in a Walls of Jericho. That brings in the Young Bucks who hit a Superkick Party on Jericho, then diving outside hitting Santana & Ortiz.

Kenny Omega tells the Bucks to set up for him to hit a dive outside but Jon Moxley sneaks into the ring behind him. The crowd goes nuts!

Moxley assaults Omega into the crowd.

The camera stays with Moxley and Omega as they brawl into a VIP area. Moxley hits Omega with a DDT onto a glass coffee table in the VIP area! Holy shit! They cut to commercial. Ugh.

Back from break and the camera is back to the ring as this match continues? Now it’s 3 on 2 apparently. Santana & Ortiz are showing how good they are here. They’re good.

The Young Bucks are holding their own with some great spots. Always spots. Always fun.

The numbers game catches up to them though and a triple team ends with Chris Jericho hitting the Judas Effect.

Match End: Santana & Ortiz & Jericho win via pinfall

After the match Jericho/Ortiz/Santana keep assaulting the Young Bucks until Cody runs down to the ring to even the odds.

Sammy Guevara hits the ring after him and kicks him in the balls. The brings out Dustin Rhodes to help Cody.

Is that? Jake Hager (Jack Swagger)!?


Jake Hager hits the Bucks and Cody with everything here.

Santana/Otriz/Guevara/Jericho set up the ring bell podium in the ring and Hager powerbombs Dustin Rhodes onto it. Doesn’t budge…yikes.

Hager and Guevara hold up Cody so Jericho can hit the Judas Effect on him.

Jericho, Ortiz, Santana, Guevara, and Hager stand over the piled bodies of Cody, The Bucks, and Dusting Rhodes as the first ever episode of AEW Dynamite end.

Holy smokes that was quite the show folks. What a statement show!