Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW 09/30/2019

The “Season Premier” of Monday Night Raw kicks off one of the most historic weeks in pro wrestling history. Future Hall of Famer Rey Mysterio challenges Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship in the main event.

New logo, new music, new set, and a new announce team greet us as Monday Night Raw kicks off a new era for WWE!

Rey Mysterio’s music hits and he walks out to the ring in his street clothes. He guarantees that he’ll win the Universal Championship for his son.

Then Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he walks out WITH PYRO!! (you don’t know what you missed until it was gone)

Mysterio isnt backing down, and he gets 2 F5’s for no good reason. Brock stares down Dominic (Reys son at ringside). BROCK RIPS HIM OVER THE BARRIER! Then Lesnar beats the living hell out of Mysterio’s son with brutal suplexes. 1 more F5 for Rey. No words spoken, just destruction. Rey can barely crawl over to try and protect his son.

Brock runs back into the ring and takes out Finlay and the refs, then takes out Dominic again before leaving for good. No words, only destruction. That was intense!

After all that we have a match.

Match #1: Singles Match
Sasha Banks v Woman’s Tag Team Champion Alexa Bliss

Bayley and Nikki Cross have been barred from ringside…but Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch hasn’t! She joins the commentary table. She mentions that she loves having her steam back (yay pyro).

Sasha dumps Alexa to ringside and proceeds to trash talk Becky from the ring as they cut to commercial.

When we get back Becky is putting on wrist tape while standing on the commentary desk. Sirens rang as they tell us the ambulance for Dominic has left. They also say that Brock Lesnar is being questioned by local authorities. Also there’s a match happening between two of the best during all this.

Match End: Sasha Banks sneaks in a pin to win the match.

Immediately Becky Lynch jumps off the table and heads to ringside. Into the ring and they are bawling before Sasha takes off into the crowd. Becky grabs a mic and she says she’s going to make it painful on Sunday inside Hell in a Cell. Becky was straight fire tonight and really showed how great she is right now.

Before the match they show an amazing clip of what happened last week with The Fiend taking out Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins. Top notch clip!

Seth Rollins is asked about last week, but he’s more concerned about what Brock Lesnar did to Rey and Dominic. Says that Mysterio gets a shot at the title when he gets healthy, but tonight he’s defending the belt against anyone. Holy smokes.

Match #2 Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Heavy Machinery v Robert Roode (c) & Dolph Ziggler (c)

The first title match of the night.

Before the commercial break Heavy Machinery get the early advantage with their power moves. Even doing their pass the person delay vertical suplex on Ziggler.

After the break Roode and Ziggler issolate Tucker as we build to the hottest of hot tags to Otis.

OTIS! Tossing around Roode and Ziggler they were on 205 live. Double Caterpillar!! But then Roode & Ziggler take control.

Match End: Roode hits the Glorious DDT on Tucker, pin, and win. Robert Roode & Dolph Ziggler retain the Raw Tag Team Championships

It’s time for Miz TV! Tonight’s special guest are WWE Hall of Famers Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair! This should be…interesting…

The Nature Boy compliments The Miz on his suit. Hulk Hogan is accompanied by The Mouth of the South Jimmy Hart.

Hogan and Flair have live mics on live TV in 2019…good luck Miz. Flair immediately tries to get some heat between him and Hogan, but Miz stops that in its tracks. Hogan gets some cheap pops, then Flair ramps up the heat again. Says Hogan was a big draw but he was better in the ring. Hogan calls him out! Flair gets in his face! Then they stop and laugh and talk about being old. Flair wants a paycheck with as many zeros as Hogan for once…Miz says he’s going to get his wish…

..Ah frig…this was all to hype a Survivor Series style match at the next show in Saudi Arabia.

Hulk Hogan announces his Captian is Universal Champion Seth Rollins!
Ric Flair announces his Captian is Randy Orton!

Randy challenges Rollins to a match, but before the bell rings to start the match King Corbin comes out and joins Randy Orton in beating up Rollins…Until Rusev hits the ring and takes out Orton and Corbin!

After the break, Rusev is stopped backstage and asked “Where’s Lana?”. He just stays silent about that but he challenges Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship TONIGHT!

Akam and Rezar talking about growing up in and around violence in a very intense promo. Can’t wait for these guys to get back to action.

Match #3: Tag Team Match
Viking Raiders v The O.C.

Damnit, they skipped the entrance for The O.C. I wanted to hear that new music…

The new guy on commentary start talking about LARPING of all things. Then get settled. Is that a slight at the Viking Raiders?

These two teams are magic together. What a match!

Match End: The Viking Raiders win with a giant splash!

Backstage Cesaro starts talking big about wanting to beat up Rey and Dominic, until Ricochet walks up and challenges him to a match to prove how tough he can be.

Match #4: Singles Match
Ricochet v Cesaro

Ricochet is using Cesaro as a springboard right off the hop (see what I did there?). Cesaro then uses Ricochet as a punching bag.

Match End: Ricochet uses Rey Mysterio’s West Coast Pop to pin Cesaro. Great finish to a great match.

A new episode of the Firefly Fun House! All the puppets are terrified about what’s going to happen at Hell in a Cell. Bray says he’s scared too and that’s okay. Bray has a very very bad feeling that “he” (The Fiend) can’t wait to hurt Seth Rollins. He’s going to ask “him” to be nice to Seth….just kidding! Bye!

Match #5: United States Championship Match
Cedric Alexander v AJ Styles(c)

AJ heads to the ring looking all business with a hint of arrogance tonight.

These two have been building up to this match and its not going to dissapoint. The crowd is into every move here as well. Cedric turning into a star every match now.

Amazing counters from both AJ and Cedric here. Fantastic match helped with a red hot crowd.

Match End: AJ hits the Styles Clash to retain the United States Championship

The Street Profits are on RAW YELLING!! about being on NXT this Wednesday. Then they calm down a bit and only yell a little quieter while hyping the rest of the show and Hell in a Cell. YELLING INTO THE CAMERA!!

Match #6: Singles Match
Lacey Evans v Natalya

Lacey has been using a very crappy sharpshooter to win matches. Hopefully this match ends this feud.

Match End: Lacey Evans pins Natalya after clawing her eyes and grabbing her tights to get the win. This isn’t over at all sadly.

Paul Heyman is backstage after a recap is shown of Brock Lesnar destroying Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic.
Paul blames Vince McMahon for letting Heyman book Brock on RAW tonight before having a championship match on Friday Night SmackDown for what happened to Mysterio and Dominic.

Also backstage Maria Kanellis is asked about Rusev. She says Rusev isn’t the father of her baby. Enough of this crap already.

Sasha Banks grabs the mic right after that and cuts a promo about how she’s not going to let “A Man” with Hell in a Cell match. This short promo had more fire in it than anything Banks has done since coming back. Good!

A limo arrives…who could be arriving this late in the show?

Main Event: Universal Championship Match
Rusev v Seth Rollins(c)

Rusev is already in the ring as we get back from some SmackDown hype. Randy Orton and King Corbin are hanging around the commentary desk for this match…

As we head to break a quick cut of The Fiend is shown…yowie wowie.

When we get back this main event starts to heat up with some big moves from both men. Right as Rusev starts to get the upper hand Bobby Lashley’s music hits and he comes out and motions and motions and motions and motions for….LANA! Then they makeout on the ramp while Rusev watches from the ring…deviation in his eyes.

The the lights go down

The Fiend attacks Seth outside the ring with the Mandible Claw as Raw goes off the air.

What the heck just happened!?