Check Out These Professional Wrestling Stars That Do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

It may not be that big of a shock, but there are many professional wrestling stars that do Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or BJJ for short. Some you may have heard of and we can only assume that there are plenty more that are passionate about the sport.

With that said, below are five pro wrestlers that you probably didn’t know who do BJJ.

1. The Undertaker

The Undertaker does BJJ. In fact, he has a black belt, which is a very difficult accolade to obtain. This means he takes BJJ seriously and has put in some serious work and training to get it.

In fact, it can take as long as a decade to get the black belt because the process involves progressing to black belt from a white belt. Furthermore, there are degrees which one can reach upon becoming a blackbelt.

It’s worth pointing out that The Undertaker loves MMA. He has been spotted at a number of UFC events. In fact, he has once said that if he was much younger, then he would actually try his hand at competitive MMA.

2. Dave Bautista

Better known as his wrestling name Batista, Dave Bautista is another fan of MMA. Unlike the Undertaker, Bautista actually competed in a fight. He won his fight over five years ago, but has yet to make another appearance.

As for BJJ, he is passionate about it. He has been training with the legendary Ceaser Gracie, who has long been considered one of the top BJJ fighters of all time. He has been under his guidance since 2010, so that’s over eight years of BJJ training.

3. Samoa Joe

The former TNA champion and current WWE star has a true passion for BJJ. He developed a passion for it after he became a Judo state champion while attending school in California as a child. Eventually, he became interested in BJJ.

His passion for BJJ has been on displayed many times in the ring. This is why Joe is constantly considered to have one of the best rear-naked choke-holds in the WWE. Some people refer to him as the king of submissions.

4. Becky Lynch

One of the most popular female WWE stars is Becky Lynch. What a lot of people don’t realize is that she is fierce when it comes to BJJ. She does it regularly and has trained with some of the most notable coaches in the game.

In fact, she has trained with John Kavanagh a number of times. He is the BJJ coach for Conor McGregor, possibly the biggest UFC star today. She is known for training with him at Straight Blast Gym in Dublin.

5. Shane McMahon

Last on the list is Shane McMahon, one of the owners of the WWE. At one point, he was training regularly with Renzo Gracie, who is considered another legend in the BJJ world. He is actually good friends with Renzo, and for as long as one can remember, Shane has always been a huge fan of BJJ and he has been practicing it for many years now.

Those are five wrestling stars that do BJJ. There are many others, but the above are a few of the most notable. Not only does it present another physical challenge for the former WWE stars but it’s also a mental sport and each of those stars love BJJ.

Fortunately, the sport is has continued to grow in recent years and if you are interested in trying it out, chances are there’s an academy in your local town or nearby. As with everything else, there are also online training options like Keenan Online, Gold BJJ and quite a few others.