WEEKLY GOODS (Sept. 23-27)

This is a weekly thoughts piece. Every Friday, I look back on the week that was in the world of (mostly WWE) wrestling.

Feuds, Firings, and Fiends. That’s what defined this past week on WWE television. Here are this week’s GOODS.

  1. Becky’s back to that spot where she’s getting good pops, and the real-life beef with Sasha is infusing nicely with this feud and a Hell in a Cell match between these two will be fantastic. The only thing holding this back a bit is that Becky looks so awkward swinging that chair and Sasha still feels unnatural working these promos. Regardless, it’s going to be a good match and that’s what’s going to be what’s remembered.
  2. Speaking of the women’s division, Bayley and Charlotte are being handled well. Charlotte’s staying in tweener status, which is where she should live: mostly be a heel but flirt with some babyface rubs when needed. Bayley’s still slow in the full turn, which is fine, just get rid of the Wacky-Armed Inflatable Tube Men already.
  3. Brock’s back, eh? And he’s wrestling on tv for the first time in fifteen years to really push the ratings for the debut of SmackDown on FOX. I was down for Kofi to drop the belt to Orton and have him chase the title again. But now with Lesnar chasing Kofi, this feels frustratingly over. And not over in the wrestling sense, but over in the real-world sense. As in finished. Lesnar tossing Kofi in that F-5 made him look like an actual rag doll, and the WWE Champion looking like a pathetic weakling. I’ll admit, it was a surprise appearance, but the only highlight here is when they showed all of The New Day in the ring as Lesnar made his way down and it showed how jacked up Big E was getting that it gives me hope that Brock will crush Kofi and we get a program with Big E because that’s a matchup that could actually come across as legitimate.
  4. I don’t know about this Owens/McMahon thing anymore. I was fine with it for a long time, but where are we going with this? So Owens is going to have a chance to fire Shane McMahon because that’s worked in as a clause in his Wrongful Termination lawsuit? What? So we’re to assume that Shane’s being sued for his stake in WWE? This is ridiculous.
  5. Erick Rowan as an intelligent monster is great, and having Luke Harper coming back and being a weird silent killer is a nice compliment to him. But the best part about Rowan is that he calls everyone by their short name. He had a great sit-down segment with Michael Cole, but him just calling him “Mike” the whole time was the best Eff You to Cole that I’ve ever heard. And then when he came to the ring and berated Daniel Bryan by calling him “Dan” is just an amazing touch. Erick Rowan will call you what he wants to call you.
  6. Baron Corbin winning the King of the Ring is fine, and giving Chad Gable a decent push is fine too. But continuing this feud by having Gable crushing the crown, I’m not so sure… Utterly destroying that throne was pretty cool, though.
  7. Cesaro’s just a jobber now. But it’s actually funny. I don’t mind it.
  8. AJ’s gotta get off of Cedric Alexander. The guy’s a tier two version of Ricochet, with somehow less charisma. Alexander’s fine, I guess, but AJ deserves better. Give it to him.
  9. Speaking of Ricochet and his charisma (i.e. lack thereof). The Maria Kanellis storyline is getting a little too Attitude Era in all the wrong ways, and the Rusev involvement is bizarre, but the when she announced that Ricochet was the father and he passionately denied it and did the whole “I would never… I mean I would but…” was the most personality that I’ve seen out of him. I’m all about workrate, but it can only go so far when you want to push a guy to the very top. Seeing this side of Ricochet makes me a believer.
  10. “The Fiend” needs to win the Universal Championship. Bray Wyatt is doing an amazing job with the dual personalities, and the Fun House slowly taking over Monday Night Raw is a subtle touch used with a main event angle that I can’t ever remember seeing. Give him the title and keep it on him for a year.

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