Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 9/17/19

The events of Clash of Champions are revisited and reacted to tonight on SmackDown Live. Also King Corbin is crowned…if you’re into that.

SmackDown Live starts with a 6-man tag match…that’s so SmackDown.

Match #1: 6-man Tag Team Match
The New Day v The Revival & Randy Orton

Right before this match started they talk about how Kofi “put away” the 10 year rivalry against Orton…then they have to wrestle again tonight.

This is basically a rerun on the two matches from Sunday all in one match. Took two commercial breaks to get though.

Match End: Kofi pins Dawson to give The New Day the win

Hold on a second….that’s Brock Lesnar’s music!

Kofi tells Big E and Woods to leave the ring during the stare down.

Brock and Paul Heyman get into the ring pretty respectfully. Then they issue a challenge to WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston on the premier of SmackDown on FOX! Woah! That’s huge! Kofi accepts the challenge and gets a F-5 instead of a handshake.

Recap of Kevin Owens being fired. Shane’s going to explain later.

Backstage Sasha Banks talks smack about Becky Lynch and Hell in a Cell, but won’t say a word about her match against Charlotte tonight.

Michael Cole interviews Erick Rowan. Why are they sitting so close to each other? Rowan says he did everything to Roman Reigns because he was overlooked and disrespected in WWE. Says he’s superior to Daniel Bryan mentally and physically. Okay Rowan, whatever you say.

Match #2: Singles Match
Ali v Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura w/Sami Zayn

Nakamura in a cape is amazing! Sami talks his way into the ring and “accidently” falls into Ali followed eventually by a Kinshasa by Nakamura.

This match doesn’t happen

Kevin Owens is shown walking down into the crowd to watch the show. Shane McMahon is shown backstage getting served some papers. Uh oh…

After the break Shane McMahon comes out to the ring with security. Shane lets KO into the ring with a microphone to address the wrongful termination lawsuit for $25mil. Says its a weak case. Kevin disagrees. This is riviting drama…wait, if KO wins his lawsuit Shane is getting fired?

Holy smokes Ric Flair is backstage! I sure hope Becky isn’t around…

Hip-hop artist Offset is in the ring to introduce Charlotte Flair. He’s wearing a Ric Flair robe.

Match #3: Singles Match
Charlotte Flair v Sasha Banks w/SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley

Bayley spends the beginning of this match trying to do everything she can to help Sasha win.

When we get back from break Charlotte is chopping the heck out of Sasha and takes full control. Top rope Moonsault to the outside takes out Bayley and Sasha.

Match End: Bayley hits Charlotte while she has Sasha in the Figure Four to end the match in a DQ.

After the match Sasha and Bayley attack Charlotte until Carmella comes down to save Charlotte. She takes out Sasha and a shocked Bayley. I guess Becky heard Ric was in the building.

The coronation of King Baron Corbin is happening and Corey Graves takes the groveling to the next level. Corbin grabs a mic and cuts a political style promo. He also asks Chad Gable to come out. Probably to tell a short joke…yup…6 of them before Gable takes him out. Gable destroys the robe and crown and what was left of the cheap thrown. This is awesome! Graves is speechless…

Match #4: Tag Team Match
Heavy Machinery v The B Team

Otis changed his gear to just shorts. Hilarious!

The crowd didn’t csre about this match until Otis was tagged in. He’s a star!

Match End: Tucker pins Bo Dallas after a compactor.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring.

Just in case you thought Daniel Bryan was a good guy now he stays in the middle and says he never lied to the fans. He does start to talk some smack about Rowan until the man himself comes out and tells him to stop.

Daniel tells him to do something about it. Luke Harper attacks Daniel from behind which brings out Roman Reigns.

Roman takes out Rowan but Harper stops him in his tracks. Then Rowan and Harper beat down Roman and rip up the padding around the ring while fighting off security and staff. They’re tearing up the ringside area.

Rowan uses the baracade as a weapon. Then put Daniel Bryan through the announcers table. Complete destruction by these two monsters as SmackDown goes off the air.