Show Results: Monday Night RAW 09/16/2019

Here is what went down at WWE’s Monday Night Raw that took place at Knoxville, Tennessee on September 16, 2019.

  • Seth Rollins opens up the show cutting a promo about his night last night at Night Of Champions when he was interrupted by Bray Wyatt in the Firefly FunHouse who threatened that The Fiend may show up again tonight on RAW.
  • Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode as well as The Revival meet in the ring for what is termed a “Tag Team Summit” but before any of them can get many words in, Braun Strowman storms out and takes out both Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson outside of the ring and plasters Dolph Ziggler. Roode meanwhile dodges and runs up the ramp as it’s mentioned that he has a match against Seth Rollins later in the show.

The O.C. (AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows) defeat Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders (Ivar & Erik)

AJ Styles gets the pin on Alexander with a Phenomenal Forearm. After the match the teams continued to brawl but AJ hits a second rope Styles Clash.

  • A video is shown where R-Truth and Carmella are seen touring the University of Tennessee when they are greeted by Knox County mayor Glenn Jacobs (better known to all of us as Kane). Jacobs offers Truth and Carmella a limo tour of the area which Truth happily takes.

King Of The Ring Final: Baron Corbin defeats Chad Gable

Corbin dominates a large part of the match but Chad Gable mounts some great comeback offense. Corbin finally gets the pin after hitting an End Of Days.

No coronation ceremony sadly. That will take place on Tuesday’s Smackdown.

  • There is a gender reveal party for Maria and Mike Kanellis hosted by the Street Prophets. It’s a boy, and Maria says that Ricochet is the father which seems to be quite a surprise to Ricochet. Mike Kanellis is angry and challenges him to a match which Ricochet doesn’t want to take, but…

Ricochet defeats Mike Kanellis

Ricochet really doesn’t want to fight but Mike doesnt give him any chance and thus Ricochet makes very quick work of him with a Recoil knee and the pin.

  • After the commercial break we see Maria at the entrance berating Mike who is still sitting on the apron. Maria states Ricochet really isn’t the father and that he is trying to motivate Mike. She teases who the father is but Rusev comes out as if to imply he’s the father. Mike has stated he’s had a rough night and is ready to leave Maria and Rusev be, but Rusev doesn’t let him escape which leads to…

Rusev defeats Mike Kanellis

Very short squash match that ends with a Machka Kick and the Accolade.

  • Glenn Jacobs’ tour with R-Truth takes them to Neyland Stadium where Glenn reveals that he “ordained” a local cop to also be a WWE referee. Truth in an effort to escape runs into a goalpost and knocks himself out. Jacobs then pins Truth and wins the 24/7 title.

Rey Mysterio defeats Cesaro

Outstanding match as you’d expect from these two with back and forth action. Doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to this match other than Cesaro taunted him leading up to the match.

  • Outside of the arena we see a limo pull up and R-Truth on top of it in an effort to try and ambush Glenn Jacobs who comes out of it. Truth does indeed roll up Glenn who then angrily responds with a hand around Truth’s throat for the chokeslam, but Truth quickly talks Jacobs out of it, arguing that the 24/7 title and the job of mayor really isn’t that different and that holding the 24/7 title would take away from his mayor job. Glenn calms down and realizes Truth is right and walks in to the arena arm and arm with Truth.

Bayley & Sasha Banks defeat Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross (Non-title match)

Bliss was taken out early and sent to the back with a knee injury. Nikki Cross puts up a great fight but Boss and Bayley are too much to overcome and Sasha hits the Backstabber/Bank Statement combo for the tap out win.

After the match both Bayley and Sasha look to dish out more punishment, but becky Lynch comes in with a chair to make the save. When it looks like Bayley and Sasha have Becky out-numbered, Charlotte Flair enters and takes out Bayley. Becky then again takes out Sasha with the chair.

After the break, Sasha challenges Becky to a match at the Hell In A Cell PPV, but Becky responds by upping the ante and accepting a match IN Hell In A Cell.

Lacey Evans defeats Dana Brooke

This match helped build a little more of the Lacey / Natalya program as Lacey connected with The Women’s Right but then followed that up with a Sharpshooter while yelling “this is for you Nattie!”

Seth Rollins defeats Robert Roode by DQ

Seth Rollins looked to have this one all wrapped up as he hit The Stomp on Roode, but Dolph Ziggler broke up the count and caused the DQ.

Post-match, Roode and Ziggler are joined by The O.C. in a five on one beatdown of Rollins that is interrupted by Kane who proceeds to clean house on all five guys.

Kane is then interrupted by The Fiend who appeared from behind and took Kane down with the Mandible Claw. With Kane down, The Fiend stalks and crawls towards a downed Rollins as the show goes off the air.