Discover. Progress.: Why Isn’t He Wearing A Shirt?!

Welcome to Discover. Progress. a podcast that used to be about Progress Wrestling, but now one of us really hates this couch.

We are one week away from NXT going live on USA, and extending to a two hour weekly show, from the current one hour episodes we get.

What will NXT look like going forward?  Will it the similar, just longer?  Will there be major changes in store?

We don’t really talk about any of that on this week’s episode of Discover. Progress., because this week we are talking about…this week.

NXT UK gave us a chilling opening promo from Imperium, and a banger of a main event between South Wales Subculture and The Grizzled Young Veterans for the NXT UK Tag Team Championship.

NXT followed that up with a great show of their own.  We had a number of matches featuring competitors from the Breakout tournament, as well as the main event featuring Rhea Ripley VS Shayna Baszler.  We also found out what/who is next for Johnny Gargano…and he isn’t wearing a shirt!

As we head towards the future, with NXT, we can only wait and watch.  One of us is cautiously optimistic that everything will be alright, if not better…the other half of us is still making up his mind.

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