Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT 09/11/2019

The last week of NXT before they go live for 2 hours every Wednesday.

Match #1: Singles Match
Damian Priest v BOA

I’m still not sold on Priest as a character, but he can clearly hold his own in the ring so he’ll be just fine. BOA was impressive in the Breakout Tournament so this should be good.

I stand corrected…

Match End: Damian Priest wins without much effort.

Recap of Roderick Strong burning Velveteen Dream’s couch. Most believable Roderick Strong has been so far.

Hey, did you hear that NXT is going to be live next week on USA network. Guess what we don’t get in Canada….yup, USA network…

Johnny Gargano comes out looking happy in his bomber jacket. The crowd chants “Johnny Wrestling” for a few mins before he starts talking. He made a choice…and he’s officially…

…being interrupted by Shane Thorne…? He’s getting some good frig off heat which isn’t good heat. He gets in the ring and tells Gargano that NXT will be just fine without him. Johnny tell him he’s not going anywhere! He’s NXT 4-life (he did then hand motion!)

Match #2: Singles Match
Pete Dunne v Angel Garza

Another NXT Breakout Tournament member. I don’t know much about Garza, but he’s definitely charismatic. Running into the Bruiser Weight tonight won’t mean a win.

Pete Dunne might have a bet with himself about how many submissions he can put Garza in tonight.

Garza does mount an impressive comeback mid match. Great match for both!

Match End: Garza fails a moonsault and lands into a submission by Dunne. Done.

Street Profits are shown in New York bragging about being on RAW at MSG, but they’re sad about missing the NXT Tag Team Championships. They challenge the Undisputed Era next week at the live show.

Match #3: Singles Match
Raul Mendoza v Cameron Grimes

Grimes was in the finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament (seeing a pattern here tonight?) and is looking to get that momentum back.

I really like the style of wrestling Grimes brings to the ring.

Match End: Grimes hits his jumping double stomp to pick up the win.

Candice LaRae barges into the office of Lord Steven Regal and starts telling him what’s what about Io Shirai. She talks her way into the triple threat match (which is now a fatal four way) for the number 1 contender to the NXT Womans Championship.

Dakota Kai is the captian on “Team Kick” which only has her as a member. Just like Balor Club I guess.

Main Event: Singles Match
Rhea Ripley v NXT Womans Champion Shayna Baszler

Lord Steven Regal said that if Ripley wins this match the number 1 contenders match would have to be a 5-way match which makes sense.

Shafir & Duke run down and almost get Baszler a DQ. Instead they get a chair into the ring.

Match End: Rhea Ripley grabs the chair out of Baszler’s hands and hits her with it. Baszler wins via DQ.

As NXT goes off the air The Undisputed Era gets a promo about Roderick Strong’s North American Championship match.

Since Canada might be delayed in seeing NXT Live the future of these notes will be decided next week.