Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live Sept. 3, 2019

Nick note: I usually PVR and watch so I can skip commercials. Today my PVR decided not to record so I came into this a half hour late. I tried to catch up using social media which isn’t what you come here for. Sorry folks.

Social Media Catch-up: Bayley and Sasha Banks attacked Charlotte Flair with a chair. Safe to say the 4 horsewomen are done?
Also, Roman Reigns will face Rowan at Clash of Champions.

As I tuned in we are in the middle of Elias v Ali and it is incredible! Ali hit a huge super kick outside the ring but then misses a big 450 splash.

Match End: Elias hits drift away to advance to the semi-final of the King of the Ring Tournament.

Samoa Joe is here tonight from RAW to watch what happens in the KotR tournament.

Aleister Black is tired of waiting for someone to knock at his door so he’s heading to the ring to see if anyone is “man” enough to fight him.

Match: Tag Team Match
Womans Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss v Fire & Desire (Mandy Rose & Sonya Deville)

Fire & Desire are getting better every week. Wish I could say the same about Alexa & Cross.

Match End: Mandy Rose pins Alexa Bliss! Fire & Desire just beat the champions!

Samoa Joe bumps into Chad Gable backstage and it’s just constant short jokes. Lame. Joe is supposed to be a badass not a joker.

Randy Orton heads to the ring to end the first hour of the show. Time to hear some wooden lines about Kofi. Randy calls out Kofi. Music hits and then The Revival are beating Kofi through the curtain and to the ring. Just as he gets the upper hand Randy slithers over and takes him out. Kofi tries to fight back again but it’s 3 on 1. Assisted RKO and we head to break as the crowd boos (see…bad guys getting booed. Sounds awesome.)

Match: King of the Ring Quarterfinals Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Chad Gable

Zelina grabs a mic and it’s another short joke. Is Gable so boring that they have to lay on the short stuff so much? I mean the guy is a decorated amateur wrestler. Maybe focus on him being like Kurt Angle? Nah? Just short jokes…okay.

Once the bell rings these two show us why they’re in this tournament. One hell of a match. Chad Gable won every person over in that arena tonight.

Match End: Chad Gable pins Andrade to advance to the semi-finals.

Sure did take Aleister Black a long time to get to the ring from backstage….

Match: Singles Match
Aleister Black v Shelton Benjamin

Shelton answered the open challenge during a commercial break (seriously there’s a lot of these during a show it’s ridiculous).

Aleister Black is slowly getting lost on the “main” WWE roster. Yet another in a long lost of NXT “grads” that just don’t go anywhere.

Match end: Aleister Black hits Black Mass and pins Benjamin. No surprise.

24/7 Champion Drake Maverick is attacked backstage and eventually pinned by new 24/7 Champion Bo Dallas?! In front of Drakes wife no less.

Match: Singles Match
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura v Some local Jobber

Sami Zayn talks through the whole match. Poor guy gets called “The Miz” the whole time.

Match End: Nakamura pins the poor guy after a Kinshasa. I’m sure Corey Graves is sad Sami yelled over his call.

The B Team hits the ring and the 24/7 title racers are quick inside the ring.

Drake Maverick pins Bo Dallas to become the new champion.

As he celebrates on the stage R-Truth sneaks up and pin Drake to become the 14 time 24/7 Champion.

Daniel Bryan heads to the ring alone to demand an apology from Roman Reigns. The crowd is firmly in the corner of Daniel Bryan, so this should go over well…

Out comes Roman and he’s attacked from behind by Rowan. Daniel Bryan tries to stop him and is tossed aside as Rowan continues his beat down of the Big Dog (ugh, I typed that).

Rowan grabs a mic…and challenges Daniel Bryan to slap him in the face again. He’s also proud of what he did to Roman. That’s a confession folks. That man just confessed to attempted murder.

Daniel slaps Rowan and gets an iron clawslam through the announcers table. The show ends with Rowan yelling that he’s not being told what to do anymore.