WEEKLY GOODS (Aug. 26-30)

Hello AW Universe,

Every Friday, I look back on the week that was in the world of (mostly WWE) wrestling.

Here are the GOODS from the week that was.

  1. Oh Sasha. Your heel turn has been a wonderful change of pace. But… Oh my, that promo to open Monday Night Raw was painful to sit through. It’s great that we’re getting Bad Sasha Banks, and I’m all about a heel being bad without really telling us why, but there has to be an angle that makes it compelling (e.g. Chris Jericho’s 2011 return, when he didn’t speak for three weeks). Fumbling through an incoherent promo isn’t really the best way to build heat for a solid heel run. I’m still here for this turn, I’m just waiting for it to make a little more sense.
  2. Yes. Shinsuke and Sami, yes. Berate and and kick the shit out of every wrestler on the roster. This pairing is magnificent.
  3. The only thing better than a magnificent pairing? A GLORIOUS pairing. Though it was no doubt the strangest outcome of the Tag Team Turmoil match, I’m in for Zig-Roode. This match did it’s job: kept Gallows & Anderson (I refuse to call them The O.C.) and The Viking Raiders looking strong; showcased Heavy Machinery; had a swerve ending. Both these guys are great pros, so doing anything to keep them on every card is worthwhile. 
  4. Quick King of the Ring takes:
    1. Winning the tournament is made for a heel to do it. Not saying that a babyface can’t or shouldn’t win, but the gimmick is best maximized from a heel winner, so it seemed a little strange to see Ricochet go over Drew McIntyre so cleanly. Ricochet just doesn’t seem like he needs the rub, and McIntyre needs a little more legitimacy. And with Ricochet and Cedric Alexander on the same side of the bracket, there’s no way these wrestlers face each other on the Raw side so one’s losing next week.
    2. So with that being said, who loses? The right answer should be Samoa Joe beating Ricochet and putting Alexander over in the semi-final, but with BARON CORBIN beating The Miz, I worry that we’re headed for Corbin/Ricochet semi, with a deep Corbin run.
    3. Is Buddy Murphy still getting a push? No, not until he gets a haircut and finally decided on trunks or tights and not the wrestler version of capris with the dangly things. So, that’s why Ali went over him.
    4. Great underdog win by Chad Gable overcoming his height and beating SHELTON BENJAMIN is inspiring… Until he loses to Andrade (the future King!) next week.
    5. RAW final: Corbin/Ricochet; Smackdown final: Ali/Andrade.
  5. BAYLEY! Please, someone read this and change her gimmick already. Walking out to the Citizens of the Bouncy Castle Kingdom with a frickin hugging emoji on the titantron is horribly lame. She has so much talent, and the little edge she’s been showing lately is great so I hope it’s a hint and not a tease to a change in her gimmick.
  6. Orton is still one of the best. I want him to go over Kofi at Clash of Champions. It’ll build a so much heat and make it sweeter for Kofi to come back and win it back from him.
  7. No sign of “The Fiend” at all this week. And this is great. Keep him fresh.
  8. Daniel Bryan, you are a treasure. This Roman Reigns angle is on the verge of falling off the cliff from “intrigue” into the chasm of “stupidity,” but I’m still into it and it’s because of Bryan.

“I just hate liars.”

And those are the weekly GOODS!

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