Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live August 27, 2019

Tonight on SmackDown Live Daniel Bryan & Rowan demand an apology from Roman Reigns after being falsely accused to trying to murder him.

The show begins with a dramatic recap of the events leading up to tonight. I can’t overstate how amazing Daniel Bryan has been during this program. Also, Roman can’t act at all.

Kofi Kingston heads to the ring as a recap of everything that has been going on between him and Randy Orton to date. Then Kofi cuts one heck of a promo.
Then Randy shows up on the jumbotron saying Stupid a few times, then he shows a letter he got allegedly from Kofi’s kid asking him not to hurt Kofi anymore. He’s going to go visit them in the hotel?
Kofi runs to the back and a brawl happens in Gorilla Position that Orton gets the better of.

Match #1: King of the Ring Round 1 Match
Ali v Buddy Murphy

205 Live throwback match here shouldn’t dissapoint.

Decent match with only 1 criticism. Buddy hit 3 finisher level shots in a row and Ali kicked out. Okay…

Match End: Ali pins Buddy Murphy after a devistating DDT followed by his 450 splash to move on in the KotR tournament.
After the match Buddy and Ali shake hands. Respect.

Bayley must hate this current title reign. The whole time she’s on tv everyone else is talking about Charlotte and not how she’s the champion.

The Miz comes down, gets a mic, and eventually challenges Shinsuke to a match for the Intercontinental Title at Clash of Champions. Sami comes out and tears apart what Miz just said and hypes Nakamura. “You’re the king of soft style” amazing!
The Miz comes after Sami and is attacked from behind by Nakamura while Sami hypes the whole time. He’s so damn annoying it great!

Kevin Owens finds out from Elias that Shane McMahon isn’t around…uh oh…

Match #2: Singles Match
Lacey Evans v SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley

During the match Charlotte Flair walks out and just stands at ringside with her arms crossed. Lacey focuses her attack on Bayley’s shoulder so that should be a thing going into Clash of Champions.

Match End: Bayley pins Lacey after hitting a diving elbow drop.

Match #3: Singles Match
Randy Orton v SmackDown Tag Team Champion Big E

Eventhough he did the whole don’t you dare be sour bit Big E walks to the ring with a purpose tonight. “You got hell to pay and I’m here to collect!”. He’s taking it to Orton here which is kind of a shock to see in a good way. Then…eye rake.

Match End: Randy Orton hits and RKO for the win after The Revival hit Big E when the refs back was turned.
After the match The Revival help Orton hit Big E with another RKO.

Ladies and Gentlemen…24/7 Champion Elias! Oh no, he’s sitting on the thrown and wearing the crown. Why did he have to touch the Presidents Trophy before winning The Cup?
Kevin Owens walks up and starts beating Elias down to the ring. STUNNER!

Drake Maverick sneaks in a wins the 24/7 Title!! He’s going to consummate his marriage!!

Match #4: King of the Ring 1st Round Match
Shelton Benjamin v Chad Gable

Alright, so this is the lame duck matchup of the tournament. Not because of the wrestling ability, but because of the lack of personality and charisma. All Shelton has to say is how short Gable is. All Gable has is his wrestling ability. Yawn…

Match End: Chad Gable wins and advances!

Roman Reigns heads to the ring. Will he apologize? He takes so long to get to the ring that the commentary team runs out of things to say and start stumbling over each other.

As he hits the ring Daniel Bryan is on the jumbotron telling him to apologize.
Roman shows a video of what looks like Rowan being involved in the speaker stacks falling.

Daniel slaps the shit out of Rowan saying he hates liars. Then he gets to the ring saying he trusted Rowan. As he steps into the ring Roman spears Daniel Bryan. Music hits and the show ends with no answers.