Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW August 26, 2019

The August 26th edition of Monday Night Raw is focused around the Raw Tag Team Titles. Who will face Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman at Clash of Champions?

Monday Night Raw starts off with Sasha Banks and Michael Cole can’t help himself and HAS to say “It’s Boss Time” eventhough Sasha is a heel now. Cole’s gonna Cole I guess…

Sasha stands in the middle of the ring basking in the total silence this crowd is giving her. Near total silence…and some light Becky Lynch chanting.

Is Sasha going to be the female version of Dolph Ziggler? Crying about how it should have been her and all that?

Silence….isn’t good….in wrestling….

Thankfully Natalya saves this train wreck of a promo and she not here to talk. She’s here to beat up Sasha!

When we come back from break Street Profits are backstage hyping (aka yelling about) the show tonight. Again, no NXT Tag Titles around their waists…anyway, they have to explain a very convoluted tag team match to make number 1 contenders.

Meanwhile that cut off Ricochet’s entrance for the first match.

Match #1: King of the Ring 1st Round Match
Ricochet v Drew McIntyre

Drew sits on the throne they have set up. Isn’t that like touching the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl before winning the Stanley Cup?

This match was incredible and should go down at the match of the tournament. Wow!

Match End: Ricochet lands the 630 Splash to pin Drew McIntyre and advance to the second round. I guess I was right about the jinx…way to go Drew.

We see an interview with the Raw Tag Team Champions that was done last week. Braun Strowman challenges Seth for the Universal Championship at Clash of Champions. That means both will have double duty with the Tag titles and Universal Title matches. Nice story developing here…

Match #2: King of the Ring 1st Round Match
The Miz v Baron Corbin.

Miz got on the mic and talked himself up. He’s losing tonight.

The most memorable part of this one was the bickering between Graves and Rene.

Actually, this turned into a pretty decent match. Might have woke up the crowd a little too.

Match End: Baron Corbin hits End of Days and pins Miz to move on. Told ya…

After the match Corbin puts on the crown and sits on the throne. He’s done…Cedric Alexander wins next week for sure now. You don’t touch the Prince of Wales Trophy and win the Cup. Dumb move Corbin!

We recap Rey Mysterio near retirement that was stoped by his son. Can’t wait for that match…and the betrayal.

Match #3: Singles Match
SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley v Womens Tag Team Champion Nikki Cross

The bickering between Graves and Rene continues and its great!

Match End: Bayley wins after a top rope elbow drop.

Match #4: Tag Team Turmoil Match

The winner of this 8 team gauntlet match gets a title match at Clash of Champions.

The B Team v Viking Raiders are up first.

Viking Raiders win the first match.

The OC head down to face them.

The ref couldn’t control this match and disqualified both teams. What the hell?

Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode v Lucha House Party

WWE doesn’t have 8 tag teams so they had to make Ziggler & Roode a team? Really? No other teams available? Poor Roode…

Ziggler hits his awful superkick and they get to face The Revival! Say yeah!

Roode & Ziggler advance. Oh no…they face Ryder & Hawkins. Very quickly Ziggler kicks Ryder in the face and pins him to move on.

They now face Heavy Machinery in the “final” of this match.

Otis is a star! This crowd woke up again for him.

Match End: Robert Roode hits his glorious DDT to pick up the win and become the challengers for the Raw Tag Team Championships at Clash of Champions. A big FU to tag teams on RAW imo.

Match #5 Singles Match
Sasha Banks v Natalya

Yup, Cole got to say boss time twice tonight. Can’t help himself.

This no nonsense Natalya is exactly how she should be all of the time.

Sasha Banks has ways been a better heel, I just hope crowds in other cities get on board with her being a badass.

Match End: Sasha Banks makes Natalya submit to the Banks Statement.
After the match Sasha slaps on the Banks Statement again before leaving to….absolute silence…yikes…

Match #6: Singles Match
Cedric Alexander v Cesaro

Cesaro retribution for losing out of the KotR tournament?

They talked about Cesaro wanted to fill in for an injured wrestler. Foreshadowing is fun.

Cesaro worked over Cedric’s knee match.

Match End: Cedric Alexander hits the Lumbar Check to put away Cesaro.

The 24/7 Title had some fun on the weekend visiting Fox Sports. Great title changes, but Elias ends up being the champion at the end of it.

Ziggler & Roode explain their team. Whatever gets Robert Roode on tv more not running after the 24/7 title is good with me.

Street Profits are back to so more hyping. I’m trying to get into this, but I can’t…they’re so good in the ring…

Main Event: United States Championship Match
Raw Tag Team Champion Braun Strowman v AJ Styles(c)

The OC and Seth Rollins are barred from ringside for this one. (I mean, Seth isn’t even in the building tonight so that makes sense).

Great main event tonight! We event got a solid ref bump. Did the crowd care? Nah. Did I? Oh yeah!

While the ref is down Anderson & Gallows run down and beat on Strowman until he gets a chair and takes them out.

Match End: Braun Strowman loses via DQ because the ref “heard” the chairshots and then saw Braun with a chair and AJ laying in the ring. Decent way to finish this one.

Braun ends the show with a massive powerslam on Styles then holds up the US Title. How many belts do you need Braun?