The Week’s Goods – August 19th – 23rd, 2019

Another week in the world of (mostly WWE) wrestling, bringing us closer to October and the beginning of the Wednesday Night Wars and (hopefully) a fresh look for SmackDown Live! as it moves to both a new network and night.

Until then, here are some thoughts from a humble writer/fan’s on the week:

  1. First and foremost, it hit me as the SmackDown Live! copyright card came up on the screen, and I was looking at Fake Erick Rowan’s weird hair and probably fake beard, that this was one of THREE concurrent main event-level storylines weaving through the Tuesday night roster. I really can’t tell where the “Who attacked Roman Reigns” angle is going (Is Bryan behind it? Or is he really being framed??), and say what you will about Shane McMahon’s presence, but having him continue his feud with Kevin Owens by means of continually effing with him is engaging. While the Orton/Kofi rivalry keeps adding layers that are giving it a harder edge (even though it vaguely resembles the Orton/Cena feud when John’s dad got punted or whatever by Orton). All three storylines are interesting and the wrestlers involved in them can keep them compelling.
  2. Out of those three aforementioned angles, Daniel Bryan to me continues to impress the most. Having Rowan as his muscle, beating up Buddy Murphy and quietly saying things like “I just hate liars” and “don’t litter” and he knocks over the garbage can, gives Bryan the presence of some mob boss who’s in control but clearly kind of deranged. Great stuff.
  3. Speaking of Buddy Murphy, he’s clearly getting at least a medium-sized rocket strapped to his back. It’s only a matter of time before he’s just Murphy (which normally I hate the meaningless dropping of a name, but in this case I’ll gladly welcome it because “Buddy” just sucks for a wrestler). And now this is going to come off like the Jim Cornette comment of the week, but he’s gotta ditch those weird dangly half-tights and get a haircut. He looks like an idiot. Great worker, though.
  4. Finally! Some edge out of Bayley! Her character is so stale, and she doesn’t need a full-fledged heel turn, but Charlotte was on to something when she made a comment about that the side-pony. Turn that thing all the way back, pick two colours for your gear and continue to push people off of chairs and act better than them, Bayls!
  5. Wow, no one could have predicted the Sami Zayn/Shinsuke Nakamura team up, but holy crap is it genius! This has potential to awesome… which, you know what really isn’t awesome? Babyface Miz. Sorry, but it sucks.
  6. I don’t know who’s going to be King of the Ring. This feels like a Drew McIntyre layup, but I’ve heard some fantasy booking involving Ali or even Ricochet, but the gimmick works best with a heel king. I have a weird Andrade feeling, though…
  7. Samoa Joe is my favourite wrestler on the main roster right now, and he could win the tournament. But, as always with some as good as he is, he doesn’t need it. But it’s true! He doesn’t! He’ll be fine either way, but it could be great to see him just scowling on the throne with that robe draped around him.
  8. Dolph Ziggler keeps losing, but he’s making the most of his mic time which is keeping him relevant. I keep holding out false hope, and I’ll likely be disappointed again, but this feels like another push for him.
  9. Sasha Banks’ heel turn is both cool and confusing at the same time (whoa, blue hair?? How EVIL!!), but her uttering “go to hell Natty, and say hi to your daddy for me,” is some edgy stuff that just adds that extra bit of juice to really fire up some heat on a wrestler.
  10. Adding the new wrinkle to the main event scene on Monday Night Raw with Strowman and Rollins holding the Tag Team Championship while Braun stares down that Universal title, while also having AJ lurking around is likely leading to a Triple Threat at Clash of Champions but it’s doing something that WWE hasn’t done for what feels like a very long time, and that’s interconnecting storylines, not just having them paired off into sequestered areas on the card.
  11. “The Fiend,” man. Nothing else to say about it. It’s amazing. Just don’t eff it up.

And those are my thoughts this week!

Passionately agree? Vehemently disagree? Comment!

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