Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT August 21, 2019

The Takeover: Toronto recaps are done and it’s time to start digging into the new feuds.

The Undisputed Era kick off the show, but only one of them have gold…sure it’s the most important belt but still.

The way the Era walk and act in the ring during their promos always remind me of early nWo gang promos. And just like the nWo these guys will never get to be the full heels they’re acting like because the crowd loves them too much.

Jordan Myles stops the Era from leaving? Is he cashing in his…clipboard? Adam Cole tries to talk (and boy does he ever talk a lot) him out of challenging him. And without saying a word Jordan Myles is going to challenge for the NXT Championship.

King of Australian strong style? Does every country have to have a “king of strong style”? So over used…

Match #1: Singles Match
Mansoor v Damian Priest

This guy Mansoor won a battle royal and was never heard of again until now. Good luck against this rockstar vampire guy. Remember NXT Baron Corbin? They really hope you don’t…

Mansoor is pretty impressive. I hope gets more time with the new hour being added in September.

Match End: Damian Priest wins with the “CrossRhodes”. I mean Reckoning…

Match #2: Singles Match
Mia Yim v Vanessa Borne w/Aliyah

Before Mia went after the NXT Womans Title she was dealing with Vanessa Borne and Aliyah being mean girls. Mia needs the bounce back after losing.

Match End: Mia Yim pins Borne.

After the match Shayna Baszler shows up and shows Mia respect? She asks her to join their group and of course Mia tries to fight off Duke and Shafir before the fight is broken up. I guess that’s a no then?

A fantastic hype video for Keith Lee v Dominik Dijakovic. I didn’t know about their history but I do now and I’m very on board for this match…or hopefully series of matches.

Match #3: Singles Match
Bronson Reed v Shane Thorne

Last time Throne was on the show I made light of not knowing him. My friends at Discover. Progress. (listen to their show on here it’s great) reminded me that he was part of The Mighty or TM61 and I thought he was someone else. Hopefully his new run will be more memorable to me.

Anyway, Australia is being showcased here. I won’t used the overused term to describe the style of wrestling one of these men use.

Match End: Shane Thorne wins with a brutal sounding running knee. Sounded like teeth slamming together. Yikes.

The North American Champion Velveteen Dream is wheeled out and he’s here to let you know that he’s on top where the spotlight is. He’s also here to call out Roddick Strong to impress him.

Main Event: Singles Match
Matt Riddle v Killian Dain

I’m digging this new Killian Dain. Sanity was so lame…

Riddle jumps into the ring from the crowd and the brawl starts. This isn’t going to be a technical textbook tonight.

Riddle is throwing down moves that shouldn’t be happening against man the size of Dain. It’s like in the videogame when you turn off weight detection. Wow!

Vader Bombsx3!

Match End: Killian Dain wins via pinfall after the triple Vader Bombs. That was an impressive and entertaining main event. A mouth bleeding Riddle isn’t done and attacks Dain as the show ends.