Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live August 20, 2019

Tonight we learn who has attempted to murder Roman Reigns. Does Daniel Bryan have all the answers?

SmackDown Live kicks off with Randy Orton. He paces in the ring as they hype the rest of the show and then show a recap of his action on RAW last night. The younger Orton wouldn’t have waited for all the clips.

Apparently Kofi Kingston is stupid. That’s what I got from this Randy Rant.

The New Day music hits and Kofi hits Randy Orton from behind with Trouble in Paradise! Then he grabs a chair and tries to injure Orton but The Revival run down to help Orton and eat some chairs.

Before our first match starts they go over the news that NXT is moving to USA Network and going live for 2 hours on September 18. Huge news!

Kevin Owens walks into Shane McMahon’s office and seems a little too calm tonight. Says his $100,000 fine last week made him think long and hard all week and he wants Shane to reconsider. I don’t see this going well.

Meanwhile, Andrade has been in the ring for 5 minutes waiting for his match.

Match #1: King of the Ring Round 1 Match
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Apollo Crews

The SmackDown side of the first round begins with a potential finalist Andrade v Apollo Crews who could use the boost this tournament provides.

Pretty decent match which isn’t a surprise with these two.

Match End: Andrade pins Crews to move on to the second round. Finals for Andrade?

Daniel Bryan and Rowan drag a hooded person into a room and berate him about how everyone is going to know what he did and he’s going to be very sorry. He does it with a little smile so we all know something fishy is going to happen.

Elias spots the referee in disguise and forces the now not hiding Drake Maverick to read a statement saying the 24/7 Title rules are suspended for the night. Poor guy just wants to consummate his marriage.

Time for A Moment of Bliss featuring Nikki Cross. The Womans Tag Team Champions welcome Charlotte Flair as their requested guest. They go over how Charlotte is “The Brand” and that Bayley is an afterthought. Then Bayley comes out and rubs the SmackDown Womans Championship in her face. A challenge is thrown down for the title at Clash of Champions!

Backstage Roman has a talk with Buddy Murphy about if he was lying or not last night. This guy is gutless.

Match #2: Singles Match
The New Daniel Bryan w/Rowan v Buddy Murphy

Daniel grabs a microphone and calls out Buddy for being a liar and a coward. Seriously Daniel has been amazing during this whole program.

They cut to commercial during this match and when they get back it’s all Daniel Bryan. He’s stretching Buddy like Stu Hart in The Dungeon.

I admit Buddy Murphy is winning my over in ring. Still not sold outside it though.

Match End: Buddy Murphy pins Daniel Bryan clean! Holy smokes that’s huge for him!

After the break Daniel Bryan and Rowan attack Buddy Murphy backstage yelling about how he “doesn’t deserve it”. Very nice.

Match #3: Tag Team Match
The Revival v Heavy Machinery

The Revival are all taped up and pretty ginger after the chair shots at the start of the show. They get on the mic and call The New Day cowards. That seems to be the buzzword of the month in WWE. They challenge New Day to a title match at Clash of Champions.

Otis is a star.

Match End: The Revival sneak out a win using ring smarts after being beat up all match.

Tonight Miz TV welcomes special guest Sami Zayn who requested to be on. Saminhas been losing and has decided to turn his attention to helping other Superstars…like…Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura!? He’s Paul Heyman?

Miz doesn’t get it so they spell it out to him using the best language…Nakamura’s feet and knees! I love this so much. Nakamura can be mean as hell and Sami can do all the talking. Excellent!

Kevin Owens and Shane McMahon have another face to face. Shane wants an apology and gets it. If he ever intentionally puts his hands on a WWE Official he is immediately fired…uh oh…

Match #4: King of the Ring Round 1 Match
24/7 Champion Elias v Kevin Owens

It’s always jarring hearing Elias’ theme song…it kind of sucks.

Shane McMahon interrupts the match to come watch from ringside? I don’t like this…

This match has been main event calibre and as it gets close to the end in Kevin Owens’ favor Shane rips off his shirt to reveal that he is a ref.

Match End: Shane quick counts as Elias pins Kevin Owens to move on in the tournament. Son of a gun…

Roman Reigns heads into the room with Daniel Bryan, Rowan, and the hooded man. Daniel found the man and its….Eric Rowan’s twin? What the hell?

More poor acting from Roman as the show ends.