Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW August 19, 2019

A sad Monday Night Raw as Elias has been advertised to be performing his final live performance. Oh, and the King of the Ring tournament begins.

The show starts off with Roman Reigns slowly making his way to the ring as Michael Cole explains that they have a special guest on commentary while Corey Graves is on vacation. Jerry “The King” Lawler is on commentary this week. This should be interesting…

Daniel Bryan has been amazing during this whole storyline. He kicked it into another level out of the ring.

Match #1: Singles Match
Roman Reigns v Dolph Ziggler

Apparently this match is happening because Ziggler went on twitter and was dumb. Ugh, enough already. Join the crowd and chant “you suck” (not in the Kurt Angle way). Not good heat…fuck off heat…

Cheap shot on Reigns and this match eventually starts off. The crowd is hot tonight in their hate of Ziggler. I guess he’s doing his job right.

This has been pretty decent match to kick off RAW.

Match End: Roman Reigns pins Dolph Ziggler after a Spear.

Before the Kings Court a filmed promo by Becky Lynch is shown and it was awesome! This is going to be a fun feud.

The Kings Court with Jerry “The King” Lawler hosts Sasha Banks. Jerry is going to get some answers. But first he’s going to hype the King of the Ring…then the lights start to go out and Jerry runs up the ramp.

The Fiend takes out Lawler on the stage! Yowie Wowie!

When we get back from break Vic Joseph is taking over for The King because apparently it’s the law that 3 people have to be on commentary.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
Ricochet & The Miz v Drew McIntyre & Baron Corbin

Lighting guy is fired as the red lights stay on for a minute during the match.

I guess this is a preview of the King of the Ring matches next week. Okay…

Match End: Ricochet pins Corbin to pick up the win.

Michael Cole interviews 2 time WWE Hall of Famer Booker T via Skype (ugh) about The Fiend and the King of the Ring.

They’ve hyped this up big time tonight. Are they convincing us or themselves?

Match #3: United States Championship Match
Braun Strowman v AJ Styles(c) w/Raw Tag Team Champions The OC

The size difference here is incredible. Not worried, AJ has looked into the…Abyss…before.

Match End: Braun Strowman wins via DQ when Luke Gallows superkicks (!) him. Then The OC assault Braun until Seth Rollins runs in for the save.

Backstage Seth confronts Braun and says he wants him to challenge for the Universal Championship, but tonight he’s going to demand a match for the Raw Tag Titles! Woah!

Match #4: King of the Ring Round 1 Match
Samoa Joe v Cesaro

I’ll say this now as I make these notes as I watch the show. I pick Cesaro to win King of the Ring.

Boy oh boy these two are working stiff tonight. What a hard hitting match.

Match End: Samoa Joe wins as Cesaro taps to the coquina clutch. There goes my pick…damn.

Ladies and gentlemen…Elias! For the last time ever? Say it ain’t so! R-Truth sneaks into the ring posing as a roadie and tries to pin Elias multiple times for the 24/7 Championship. UNSUCCESSFUL! Elias is still champ!

Rey Mysterio is interviewed backstage and he looks pretty somber. Holy smokes he’s going to retire backstage? That’s not how it should be…and he’s stopped by his son! Did it just get dusty in here?

Match #5: Tag Team Match
SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day v The Revival

Couldn’t have this match on SmackDown tomorrow? 3 hours too much to fill?

Match End: The New Day win via DQ when Randy Orton hits the RKO outta nowhere.

Kofi runs down to help The New Day, but gets an RKO as well. Woods tried to help out and joins the RKO club with some help from The Revival. Then Orton forces Kofi to watch as The Revival injure woods.
Pretty big moment here but again, not on SmackDown? Had to be tonight?

Next up is an interview with Sasha Banks. Michael Cole gives her an open forum to explain her actions last week. Like a true heel she doesn’t say anything useful.

Match #6: Tag Team Match
Womans Tag Team Champions Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss v Fire & Desire Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose

Really don’t miss Corey Graves drooling all over a Mandy Rose match.

Alexa looks bored out there. Just an observation.

Match End: Nikki Cross pins Sonya Deville to win this one.

Match #7: King of the Ring Round 1 Match
Cedric Alexander v Sami Zayn

If they let these two go this could be one hell of a match. Fingers crossed.

Not bad at all. Decent short match here.

Match End: Cedric Alexander pins Sami after a Lumbar Check.

It took 2 hours for them to show Street Profits (this time without the NXT Tag Titles) and of course they’re hyping King of the Ring.

Natalya has a backstage promo talking about her awful week and how Sasha used to be her friend and attacked her…then Sasha attacks her again! Tells her to “Go to hell and say hi to your daddy.” wowza that’s cold.

Main Event: Raw Tag Team Championship Match
Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Braun Strowman v The OC(c) w/United States Champion AJ Styles

“How will they ever co-exist?” ©wwe

The answer to that is by having Seth wrestle the whole match himself and then the hottest of all tags to Braun after a whole bunch of OC funny business.

Match End: AND NEEEEEEWWWW Tag Team Champions! Braun Strowman & Seth Rollins! Seth has two titles now!

Strowman and Rollins celebrate and then they both stare at the Universal Championship as RAW goes off the air.