Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT August 14, 2019

The episode of NXT after Takeover Toronto recaps the event in full.

Since the episode of NXT after a Takeover is always a recap show I’ll go over the predictions I made for each match as they do their recaps with these notes. The finals of the NXT Breakout Tournament will also happen tonight which will be the main focus later.

After a quick recap video of takeover our first look at the newly reformed Breezango starts off this episode in style.

Match #1: Tag Team Match
Breezango v The Forgotten Sons

Fandango is here to remind everyone how awesome he was before leaving for injury!

These two teams are having themselves a Takeover level match which is exactly what I expect from the pre-show matches of that event.

Match End: Fandango picks up the win after a new tag team move. Breezango is back!

Recap of the NXT North American Championship Match: My prediction was that Pete Dunn would win and I was WRONG. Thankfully the interview after the match had Dunn saying he won’t rest until he gets the title. So that works for me.

Recap of the NXT Breakout Tournament: a lot of these wrestlers should be in NXT after this tournament. The majority of the matches were excellent. I still hope Cameron Grimes walks away with the title shot.

Recap of the NXT Tag Team Championship Match: My prediction was that The Undisputed Era were going to win…WRONG again. The interview after had a very angry Era complaining about the wrong man was pinned during the match. Look for a rematch soon.

Recap of the Io Shirai v Candice LaRae match: I said Io Shirai would win and I was CORRECT. The recap was a spectacular music video by a band named “Poppy” that was all kinds of right for this transformation of Io Shirai. Wicked!

Recap of the NXT Womans Championship Match: I said Mia Yim would win and I was WRONG. It was one hell of a match though, just not sure where they go from here.

Extended look at the NXT Championship Match: My prediction was a win by Adam Cole and I was…CORRECT! I wasn’t right about he match of the year note, but that’s okay. People don’t enjoy super human feats of kicking out of big moves in giant matches I guess….but love the indies for doing the same…k. These guys pretty much killed themselves to entertain but nope, they did too much and ruined it for some. What a shame.

Recap of Matt Riddle and Killian Dain bawling on the stage. It sets up a match next week.

NXT Breakout Tournament Final Match:
Cameron Grimes v Jordan Myles

Like I said earlier, this tournament has seen some amazing matches already. The final should be more of the same and more. Time to make a name for yourselves guys!

So many near falls!

Match End: Jordan Myles wins the NXT Breakout Tournament with a huge 450° splash! Another prediction WRONG.

After the match Lord Steven Regal awards Myles with a contract for any NXT Championship match he wants. Huge.

My record 2 right 4 wrong. Not good.