Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live 08/13/2019

SmackDown Live reacts to the events on SummerSlam.

Kevin Owens starts off the show. This should be fun. The crowd just chanted his name for a solid minute or two. Awesome.

KO lays down the heavy sell for King of the Ring and how prestigious it is for him as a fan.

Then Shane McMahon comes out to ruin the night. After calling out KO for kicking him in the balls and being less of a man, Shane reminds us and Kevin that he attacked Elias while he was an official. He fines him “$100,000 USD”! That’s a little steep…

After the break Kevin Owens charges into Shane’s office. Shane plays the boss card.

Match #1: Singles Match
Ember Moon v Charlotte Flair

No entrances for this match. They started cold in the ring.

Not sure why they are wrestling tonight. Charlotte just beat Hall of Famer Trish Stratus at SummerSlam and Ember Moon lost to Bayley. Guess this is a restart? Either way this has been an entertaining match!

Hilight of the match is when Charlotte puts Ember in the Liontamer. The crowd chants Y2J! Y2J! There was also a Codebreaker by Ember. Quite the match for Chris Jericho.

Match End: Charlotte Flair wins via submission with the Figure Eight. Great match!

After a full recap of the Roman Reigns attempted murder and accusations of Rowan being involved Daniel Bryan comes out and actually speaks. He says they had nothing to do with it. They’re going to prove it too. Better not use video since deep fakes are big now.

Match #2: Singles Match
Roman Reigns v Buddy Murphy

This is Buddy’s first match on SmackDown Live. Probably should have picked someone else to start. Just me.

Buddy Murphy really impressed in this one. I hope they keep the gas on him for a bit. Nice seeing guys “graduate” from 205 Live. I’m sold.

Match End: Roman Reigns wins via pinfall after a spear. Took a lot of finishers to put away Buddy and Roman shows him some subtle respect after the match.

The Revival are on SmackDown talking smack about what happened on RAW last night. Then they call out The New Day for ruining tag team wrestling. Alright then…

After the commercials New Day answer the challenge and Kofi explains why he went off on Randy Orton at SummerSlam. Said he’d do it again.

Match #3: Singles Match
Kevin Owens v Samoa Joe

Shane McMahon appoints Elias as the special outside enforcer. Guess he’s not that injured.

Owens goes for a pin and Elias pulls the ref out of the ring.

Match End: Kevin Owens is distracted by Elias and Samoa Joe rolls him up and Elias counts super fast. KO is going to boil over tonight…

Backstage Daniel Bryan and Rowan kick everyone out of the locker room and they have a chat with Buddy Murphy. They force him to tell everyone that he lied. Rowan decides to best him up instead while Daniel tells him he needs to admit that he lied which Buddy eventually does under a lot of duress. What an intense segment! Daniel Bryan is really going to another level of heel right now and I’m buckling up for a great ride.

The New Day come out in the best gear ever. It’s old school Toronto Raptors themed!

Before The Revival come out Randy Orton comes out and calls out Kofi for running away from a fight on Sunday. Says he can’t beat him and knows it. Gives Kofi a chance to make up for it by making this match a 6-man tag match.

Main Event: 6-Man Tag Team Match
SmackDown Tag Team Champions Big E & Xavier Woods & WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston aka The New Day v The Revival & Randy Orton

All the formalities were figured out during the break as always and this match is on.

The Revival have #FTR on their gear. Wonder what that stands for…look it up, or just ask your local AEW fan.

Anyway, this has been a top level 6-man tag match as expected. As usual Woods takes the majority of the damage and even after all. The hot tags

Match End: The Revival hit The Shatter Machine on an injured Woods and pin him.

After the match The Revival continue to attack Woods until Kofi helps him…then RKO out of nowhere! Randy then picks up Woods and hits an RKO on him too. Then gets The Revival to help get an RKO on Big E. Then one more massive RKO on Kofi. More Orton v Kofi please!

Backstage Roman confronts Daniel Bryan and Rowan. Daniel demands an apology. Roman doesn’t say a thing but Daniel does…they know who did it and they’ll bring Roman the culprit (his words) next week. Show ends.

I’ve been hard on SmackDown Live for 2 weeks now for not being good. This week changed that tune. Great pacing, stories, and matches brought “The Blue Brand” back. Hope they can keep it up.