Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT August 7, 2019

The final episode of NXT before NXT TAKEOVER: Toronto on Saturday night.

Lord Steven Regal is in the ring to start NXT tonight. He’s here to officiate the contract signing for the NXT Tag Team Championship Match at Takeover: Toronto. These always go well…

While both teams talk trash about each other Regal just stands there calm and cool as a cucumber being awesome.

I’ll say, missed opportunity to take a shot at how the Street Profits have been on RAW for weeks now. Both teams could have used that as bravado or as a punchline. Oh well. Should be a good match on Saturday.

Next up is a hype video for the triple threat match for the NXT North American Title. I really think Pete Dunn is walking away with this one and becomes a true Intercontinental Champion. Unless they want everyone from The Undisputed Era with gold one last time before they get called up to obscurity on WWE.

After that hype video we get another one for the NXT Womans Championship match between Mia Yim and Shayna Baszler. Mia’s got to win this one right?

The first match of the show comes at 20 mins.

Match #1: Singles Match
Joaquin Wilde v Shane Thorne

Shane Thorne has been a selectable wrestler in the 2K games for a few years now. Did you know that? Have you ever selected him? Neither have I….

Wilde is going to be fun to watch on 205 Live one day.

Match End: Shane Thorne pins Wilde after making an example of him…a man almost a foot smaller than him. Then he just walks out to the back immediately.

The story of Io Shirai v Candice LaRae is shown next and what a video it is. Top notch production here. I’m a really big fan of the dark turn Io Shirai took after attacking Candice. She obviously has to win on Saturday.

Main Event: Singles Match
Matt Riddle v Killian Dain

Bro… Killian Dain ambushed Riddle before the match for the second time now and just lays waste to the Original Bro. This match doesn’t even get into the ring and doesn’t happen.

The NXT Breakout Tournament is recapped now. The finals happen at Takeover. Hard to say who will win this final match. I hope it’s Cameron Grimes because be could he looks kinda like Bruiser Brody.

Recap from last week when Breezango were reunited. They have an interview after the video. Fandango explains where he’s been. He’s been too deep judging people for their fashion and they should have been judging themselves instead, but now it’s time to have a makeover….haha awesome!

The NXT Championship match is the last video package of the night and it’s kind of fitting that it’s like an episode of WWE 24. Want to get hyped? Give this a good watch. Now you’re on another kind of hyped for this one.

Johnny Gargano and Adam Cole have both had legendary NXT careers and each of their previous matches have been near classics. Their match at NXT Takeover shouldn’t dissapoint. My money is on Cole retaining after a match of the year candidate.

Well, since there was only one match (which wasn’t good) this post kind of turned out to be a prediction post didn’t it? I guess that’s what happens when the entire episode is a commercial for the “PPV”.