Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT July 31, 2019

The Bruiserweight Pete Dunn faces Undisputed Era’s Roderick Strong in a huge main event tonight.

NXT starts off with the gorgeous one Tyler Breeze!

Match #1: Singles Match
Tyler Breeze v Jaxson Ryker w/Forgotten Sons

Not making a joke here but I always forget about this team when I think about current NXT.

Match End: Tyler Breeze rolls up Ryker for the surprise win and quickly pays for it as the Forgotten Sons gang up on him after the match.


Candice LaRae is pacing outside waiting for Io Shirai, and from the look of it I wouldn’t want to cross her path.

Match #2: NXT Breakout Tournament Semi-final match
Bronson Reed v Cameron Grimes

I know it isn’t the point of the tournament, but the final 4 should be part of NXT. Everyone has been impressive.

Match End: Cameron Grimes lays down a double knee stomp to pin Reeves to advance to the finals of the Breakout Tournament at Takeover Toronto! Didn’t see that coming at all. Nice.

NXT Womans Champion Shayna Baszler matches down to the ring on a mission. She’s out here calling Mia Yim a street rat? That’s not going to fly with Mia. Doubles down and called her street trash to Mia’s face. She’s such a good heel.

Candice is still pacing outside…then Lord Steven Regal walks up and tells her Io Shirai isn’t coming tonight, but makes a match between them for Takeover Toronto. Mission accomplished.

Main Event: Singles Match
Roderick Strong v Pete Dunn

This is going to be great!

Strong is decent in NXT, but he’ll be a force on 205 Live one day…same can be said for Dunn too. Sigh…

Anyway, this match had that classic slower pace that makes the moves mean more. A nice change of pace for NXT.

Match End: Pete Dunn forces Strong to submit to his triangle finger snap thing. Great match!

After the bell Velveteen Dream sneaks into the ring and Pete Dunn hits the “bitter end” on him as the crowd chants “Triple Threat”. Looks like that where this is heading which of course I’m all for.

NXT always has a great pace and this week was a perfect example of that. What a breath of fresh air after a lackluster SmackDown Live.