Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live July 30, 2019

SmackDown Live is live from Memphis, TN

Tonight WWE Champion Kofi Kingston faces United States Champion AJ Styles in a non-title Champion vs Champion match main event.

Shane McMahon starts the show off with a cell phone video saying he won’t be part of the show tonight (yes!) because of Kevin Owens. Also some other stuff, but honestly I tune out Shane at the point.

Kevin Owens heads to the ring after some show promos. KO with a mic is always money. Hell, KO without a mic is money. You know this by now and thankfully so does WWE. Drew McIntyre disagrees and he comes down and is ready for a match with Owens. Of course he gets some cheap shots in first. He’s such a good bad guy.

Match #1: Singles Match
Kevin Owens v Drew McIntyre

Sometimes when I watch Drew McIntyre now I force myself to remember that he was part of 3MB and destined to be a comedy act forever. But then he decided to take his career into his own hands and left WWE for to make a new name for himself on the indie circuit. He should be the prototype for any wrestler who wants to get out from under the thumb of idiot WWE writers….except he came back after reminding everyone why he was amazing to begin with. I wonder if he wishes AEW existed 2 years ago.

Anyway, this is the first time KO and McIntyre has wrestled on tv in WWE and they are not putting on a standard match by any means. Both of these guys are so good at this by now that it’s visual poetry.

Kevin Owens has a better superkick than Dolph Ziggler.

McIntyre kicks out of the pop-up powerbomb cementing the Stunner at KO’s new finisher. I hope when KO starts drinking beers in the ring he chooses OV or Molson Export.

Match End: Kevin Owens wins with a picture perfect Stunner.

Speaking of Dolph, backstage interview time after a recap of him hitting his budget store version of “Sweet Chin Music”. Ziggler dusts off his “meta” persona and it’s just as old seeming as the alumni he’s disparaging. Strong meh from.l me as always with Ziggler.

Aleister Black is back on his chair in a dark room. Tonight he’s talking about how he’s different now after fighting Cesaro at Extreme Rules. He’s waiting for another fight.

Match #2: Tag Team Match
SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley & Ember Moon v Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross

No other women on the SmackDown Live roster for the them to face so they “wildcard” Alexa and Cross.

Classic “can they coexist tonight before they facing each other at the next ppv” tag team match here. Ember Moon is so good, I just hope she can stay healthy.

Match End: Alexa Bliss pins Ember Moon after things fall apart for Bayley & Moon. Bayley attacks Moon after the match, but it’s okay she’s just getting payback from last week and isn’t turning heel here….right?

Sami Zayn does meta better than Dolph Ziggler. I’d watch him wrestle Aleister Black.

Daniel Bryan requests time to not talk about his career altering announcement. Just walks away

Memphis legend Jerry “The King” Lawler returns with The Kings Court! I always wished WWF/E would have treated him with the respect they gave Ric Flair back in the day. Instead they made him a dirty old man who wears a Superman logo ring (probably not a far stretch). Anyway, his special guest is WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus!

I really wish their segment didn’t feel so forced.

Thankfully Charlotte Flair shows up and shows everyone just how head and shoulders above them she is on the microphone. Trish v Charlotte at SummerSlam I guess.

A new episode to the Firefly Fun House! Now that The Fiend has been unleashed these segments showing Bray as “normal” are even more twisted. I love every bit of this.

Match #3: Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler v Finn Bálor

Why isn’t Finn part of The OC? Why isn’t he calling them out for saying that The OC is the only club that matters?

Okay, so apparently Finn is facing Ziggler on behalf of all the legends Ziggler has been talking shit about. Sure.

During the match “The Fiend” shows up and distracts Finn.

Match End: Ziggler hits Bálor with “Sweet Chin Music” budget edition then pins him.

Match #4: Singles Match
Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura v Ali

What a surprise gem of a match!

Match End: Ali pins Nakamura! Didn’t see that coming at all.

Randy Orton let’s us into the mind of the Viper…what’s all this empty space?

But seriously, the WWE production team knocked it out of the park with this Orton v Kofi hype video. I wasn’t sold, but they got me hooked on the story. Well done.

Main Event: Non-Title Champion vs Champion Singles Match
United States Champion AJ Styles w/Raw Tag Team Champions The OC v WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston w/SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day (that’s a lotta gold around the ring)

I’m really glad they didn’t SmackDown this and make it a 6-man tag match because the singles match has been decent.

Classic bad directing of camera cuts ruin the great finish to this match.

Match End: Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise on Styles as AJ was flying through the air trying to his Kofi with the Phenomenal Forearm. Very cool finish, terrible camera cuts.

Speaking of terrible the end of SmackDown Live was attempted murder in the most slapstick was possible. The acting…holy smokes it was so poor.

A weak way to end this week of SmackDown Live. Sadly a step backwards after a very strong RAW yesterday.

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