Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW July 29, 2019

Since I missed last week I’ll use this meme to sum up Raw Reunion the best way possible:

The July 29, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw is live from Little Rock, Arkansas.

A week after the Raw Reunion sets up the rivalries on the road to SummerSlam.

RAW begins with a very (and maybe too) epic video package hyping up the 24/7 Title. I loved it!

Match #1: 24/7 Mixed Tag Lumberjack Title Match:
Drake Maverick & His Wife v R-Truth(c) & Carmella

R-Truth and Carmella get a full rap entrance. Apparently the 24/7 title rules are suspended for the match, but the second its over the title is back on the line. All the hype starting off the show should make this a fun segment.

Match End: R-Truth pins Drake Maverick and then all the lumberjack pile onto Truth. The ref counts to 3 and Mike Kanellis squirms out of the pile with the title as the new 24/7 Champion! Maria threatens Mike with kicking him in his “vagina” continuing that awful storyline.

Match #2: 5 Round Gauntlet Match to determine who faces AJ Styles for the United States Championship at SummerSlam.

Round 1: Rey Mysterio v Cesaro

Rey might have the best t-shirt on the roster right now, what a legend. No surprising this has been one hell of a match.
Round 1 winner: Rey Mysterio

Round 2: Rey Mysterio v Sami Zayn

Sami runs down and attacks Mysterio before the bell, but gets rolled up right after the bell rings!
Round 2 winner: Rey Mysterio

Round 3: Rey Mysterio v Andrade

These two have put on “Match of the Year” matches on SmackDown. Does Rey have enough left after Cesaro? Will he get injured? It’s pretty much how life goes for him at this point.
Round 3 winner: Andrade and after the match he literally rips the mask off of Mysterio’s face! Woah! Not sure how I feel about that.

Final Round: Andrade v Ricochet
Ricochet ran down to rescue Mysterio as they went to commercial.

Andrade is a star, just seems like he has that Cesaro/Samoa Joe/Finn Balor issue of getting just close enough to glory but always losing. Tonight is no different as Ricochet puts Andrade away after a very good match.

Gauntlet Match Winner: Ricochet

Maria orders Mike Kanellis to lay down so that she can become 24/7 Champion which he does of course. Now a pregnant woman is the 24/7 champion and she has no issue rubbing it in to anyone unlucky enough to hear her voice. I’m with Titus on this one, big time eye roll from me.

A Moment of Bliss with co-host Nikki Cross:
Alexa shows footage of Becky Lynch attacking Natalya during training. Shout out to Fit Finlay!

Match #3: Triple Threat Tag Team Championship Match:
The Usos v The OC v The Revival (c)

For some reason I feel the need to remind people to not drink and drive when I hear the Usos theme music…

What a match!! All 3 of these teams pulling off ppv level moves tonight stealing the show!

Match End: The OC Gallows & Anderson are the NEW Raw Tag Team Champions!! What a match!

After the break The OC members have a championship celebration with mall swords, catering, and little bottles of champagne. They had to put the mall swords there because of the Japan connection right? Super lame.

RAW Reunion recap time! Please see the above meme for my recap. Also, Stone Cold is amazing and I will always pop for that glass breaking! FAMILY!

SmackDown recap of Dolph Ziggler hitting HBK with his budget store superkick. Please don’t have HBK come out of retirement again for a match against Ziggler of all people.

WWE Network commercial for Ride Along shows superstars getting pulled over while filming. I see where you’re mind would think it was a certain tag team, but it wasn’t. They weren’t filming that night…

…it was Aleister Black and Ricochet.

Match #4: Tag Team Match:
The Viking Raiders v Local Talent Nobodies

Match End: The Viking Raiders get enhanced

Oh good, Street Profits are still doing the hype thing backstage. They’re marks just like us! Fans…I mean fans…fans.

Match #5: Singles Match
Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross v Raw Womans Champion Becky Lynch

Looks like Alexa is back to full healthbar again which is very good for the womans division…then she “hurts her ankle” during the match. Don’t call it fake…people don’t like that word.

Match End: Becky Lynch wins because Alexa could not continue the match.

Nikki Cross challenges Becky Lynch

Match #6: Singles Match:
Nikki Cross v Raw Womans Champion Becky Lynch

The legend of Nikki Cross grows as she loses defending the honour of her friend Alexa Bliss.

Match End: Becky Lynch wins and is immediately attacked by a very not injured Alexa Bliss and then Natalya runs down and puts Becky in the Sharpshooter!

Hey everyone, did you know that Maria Kanellis is pregnant? Oh! She’s also the 25/7 Champion. Braun Strowman doesn’t care either.

Match #7: Singles Match
Seth Rollins v Dolph Ziggler

Dolph Ziggler comes out to HBK’s music and then does his whole meta wrestler thing on the mic like he was doing before he left WWE a few years ago to “find his smile” (see, I can do it too Dolph). A rare moment of Michael Cole being awesome “He stole everything else from HBK, might as well steal this.”

Graves: “Second rate Shawn Michaels.”

This match was a throwaway (shame that Seth Rollins got thrown into the middle of this) match to build HBK v Ziggler at a later date.

Rollins has a better superkick than Ziggler.

Match End: Seth Rollins win vis DQ because Brock Lesnar (!!) attacked him during the match. Taking him to Suplex City inside and outside the ring. Brock with a chair should be a registered weapon. He’s doing 3 or 4 release F5’s onto a set up to sit chair (hard to explain but you’ll see replays of this for weeks) on Rollins. Rollins is “bleeding internally” and coughing.

Brock Lesnar leaves holding the Universal Championship over his head after Paul Heyman begged him to stop the brutal assault on Rollins as he is helped onto a stretcher using very very poor first aid as usual.

After the commercial we see Seth getting rushed to an ambulance. Roman Reigns and The Usos look on and are then attacked by Samoa Joe and The OC. The camera shows that for a bit then turns to the waiting ambulance (great camera works for once) as it tries to speed off.

Brock stops the ambulance and rips Seth out of the back. Brock does another release F5 over the now sideways stretcher and Seth hits it hard. Rollins sounds like he’s dying here as they cut to commercial.

Samoa Joe comes down for the “Samoan Summit” and he’s not here to talk, he’s here to fight. Roman comes out and is happy to oblige. You know it’s serious because Reigns isn’t wearing his body armour.

Drew McIntyre tries to attack Roman, but gets beat down instead. Then when Drew and Joe get the upper hand Cedric Alexander (oh yeah him and McIntyre are feuding) comes down and immediately starts getting beat down and up to the stage.

The Usos come out to help Roman but then The OC come out to beat on them. This is madness!

Cedric Alexander dives off the top of the RAW banner screen on top of everyone!! What the hell is going on!

Cedric then brings Drew to the ring and tries to hit a top rope move but is stopped by The OC who then are stopped trying to hit the Magic Killer on Alexander by Roman and the Usos. The Usos hit kicks on The OC while Roman hits his spear on Samoa Joe as RAW closes.

That was a lot going on…wow…what a last hour!

RAW really brought it big time tonight. What are your thoughts? The comment section is open.