Discover. Progress.: Does Tyler Have Friends?

Welcome to Discover. Progress. a podcast that used to be about Progress Wrestling, but we are slowly getting over our commitment issues…now it’s mainly a podcast about NXT, NXT UK, and various indy promotions…including Progress Wrestling.

Speaking of Progress Wrestling, we chat a bit about what’s going on there, and tease an upcoming episode where we will discuss the latest happenings in Progress Wrestling, in further detail.

We also talk about the final match between Shane Strickland and Darby Allin, from the latest episode of DEFY NOW.  If you haven’t seen it…do yourself a favour, and find it somewhere.

NXT UK was a pretty standard episode this week, with a great main event between Mark Andrews and Kassius Ohno.  We also found out what the first official match for NXT UK Takeover: Cardiff is.

Here’s a question: if NXT UK were to introduce a mid-card title…what would it be called?

On NXT this week, we had a unique opening match between Matt Riddle and Arturo Ruas.  We also had the return of an NXT star who was last seen on the main roster.

Finally, it looks like we are getting Adam Cole against Johnny Gargano…again.  Is anyone really complaining?  Their first two matches were some of the best in, not only the history of NXT, but the history of WWE.

We talk about all of it, and more, on the latest episode of Discover. Progress.

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