Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT July 17, 2019

Tonight Adam Cole defends the NXT Championship in the main event, but against who?

NXT starts off quickly with our first match of the evening.

Match #1: Singles Match:
Matt Riddle v Arturo Ruas

Riddle has quickly become the go to wrestler here in NXT. He’s had a bunch of matches with Evolve and NXT this week alone, so this should be a good showcase for Ruas and Riddle.

Ruas is another MMA turned pro wrestling guy just like Riddle. This seems like a very popular secondary route after MMA. Can’t say it hasn’t been successful either.

Match End: In a VERY MMA style victory Matt Riddle gets a TKO due to ground and pound over Ruas.

After the match Riddle is attacked by Killian Dain!! He lands a senton on the stage and they go through it! Holy smokes!

Street Profits have a very quiet (for a change) promo calling out Undisputed Era for not being able to beat them. I like this promote most.

Match #2: NXT Breakout Tournament 1st Round Match:
Dexter Lumis v Bronson Reed

Right off the entrances Dexter Lumis has made an impact. What odd music and just creepy vibe. This guy looks like a movie killer. Let’s see how he wrestles.

Reed isn’t phased by Lumia at all and it taking the fight to him while commentary can’t stop talking about Lumis is “unsettling”.

Match End: Bronson Reed hits a Super Splash from the top rope for the pinfall victory. This guy is 350lbs. so it was quite the sight/splash. Wow! I hope it’s not the last we see of Dexter Lumis though.

Tyler Breeze talks about needing friends in this era of NXT. Then the Forgotten Sons come in a kind of threaten him, but Breeze isn’t intimated at all which is hilarious.

Match #3: Singles Match:
Kushida v Apollo Crews

NXT wants you to know that people are lining up to face Kushida. Apollo Crews is the next superstar to take the challenge.

Crews gets quite the ovation for returning to NXT for this match, and it hasn’t dissapointed at all. Crews hits his standing shooting star press!! Holy smokes!

And then my PVR of this show cuts to black…talk about bad timing for this excellent match. Good thing I have the network as back up. Back up! What a fantastic match!

Match End: Kushida makes Crews tap out with the Hoverboard Lock. Kushida has put together quite the hilight reel since coming to NXT. This guy is a star.

Keith Lee talks about his last year not being full of the opportunities he was promised whe her arrived in NXT. I like where this is going.

Main Event: NXT Championship Match:
Adam Cole v

Adam Cole hand picks his opponent from Johnny Gargano’s wrestling gym. Even says it’s going to be a fair fight…but Instead of getting in the ring this guy calls out Johnny Gargano!

Gargano sprints to the ring and attacks Adam Cole into the crowd without mercy. They get back into the ring and Gargano gets Cole in the Gargano Stretch and won’t let go until he’s sure Cole felt it. The show ends with Johnny Gargano holding up 3 fingers wanting another match against Adam Cole. Yes please!

That wraps up another week of NXT. What a show! Great match between Kushida and Apollo Crews, and one heck of a set up for Takeover Toronto.