Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live July 16, 2019

The July 16, 2019 edition of SmackDown Live is in Worcester, Massachusetts tonight.

SmackDown Live reacts to the events of Extreme Rules.

Last night we didn’t get a second of Shane McMahon, tonight we start off with a recap of Kevin Owens verbally blasting Shane then stunning him during the main event. “Shane McMahon can kiss my ass!”

After the recap we see Shane McMahon with a bunch of security waiting for Kevin Owens. He let’s him know that there’s a Town Hall tonight and that Kevin has the night off.

Getting a major Stone Cold vibe from this.

The entire SmackDown Live roster is assembled on the stage waiting for Shane and they don’t look too happy at all. Don’t blame them.

Shane McMahon Town Hall:

Roman Reigns: “Nobody respects you and you can kiss my ass.”
He’s fined and will be dealt with later.

Charlotte Flair is called on: She kisses ass and is called out by Liv Morgan for being a phoney.

Buddy Murphy is here! And he threatens Kevin Owens for talking about him.

Apollo Crews:” Everybody including myself agrees with what Kevin Owens said last week.”
Andrade challenges him to a match tonight.

Elias strums his guitar then is interrupted by New Day. They say Kevin Owens had great points. Kofi talks about how long it took for him to get an opportunity. They cut his microphone.

Shane ends the town hall and sends everyone backstage. But Cesaro has something to say first. He’s the wildcard tonight and he challenges Aleister Black to a fight tonight. Shane makes it official.

Town Hall ends with Kevin Owens stunning Shane and running out of the building. BAH GAWD!

Match #1: Singles Match:
Aleister Black v Cesaro

An extreme rules rematch as predicted in my notes for that show. It was the match of the night for a lot of fans so this one shouldn’t dissapoint.

Match End: Aleister Black hits Cesaro with Black Mass for the pinfall victory. Knocked the mouthguard right out of his mouth. What a match!

Daniel Bryan is going to have a “career altering” decision tonight. They shown him backstage at Extreme Rules ranting about how he failed. Not sure where this is going, but I’ll watch anything Daniel Bryan does (except when he was on Total Bellas)

Match #2: Singles Match
Liv Morgan v Charlotte Flair

People are getting opportunities! Time for Liv to impress.

Liv Morgan was pretty impressive, but Charlotte lands a powerbomb on her and that set up the end.

Match End: Charlotte makes Liv tap out to the Figure Eight.
After the match, Liv Morgan rips off Corey’s headset and says “Charlotte was right, and when I come back I’ll be real!”. Can’t wait Liv.

Match #3: Womens Tag Team Match:
Sonya Deville & Mandy Rose v Ember Moon & SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley

Well this team makes sense against the bullies.

This didn’t take long at all.

Match End: Ember Moon hits the Eclipse on Mandy Rose for the pinfall.
After the match Bayley is asked who she’s going to face at SummerSlam. She picks Ember Moon!

It’s time to celebrate The New Day being 6 time tag team champions and Kofi still being the WWE World Heavyweight Champion!! These guys are so awesome, how could anyone not like them?

After New Day are done celebrating they call Daniel Bryan & Rowan out to the ring so that Daniel can tell us what his career altering decision.

And emotional and angry but silent Daniel Bryan can’t bring himself to speak to the WWE Universe and walks off a few times before leaving for good.

Samoa Joe walks out instead and challenges Kofi to a WWE Title match tonight!

Some strange music hits and no one knows who’s music it is because Elias never gets a music entrance. He says Joe had his chance and its his time now.

Randy Orton’s music hits and he comes out saying he wants a title match.

Elias challenges The New Day to a 6-man tag match. New Day accepts, Randy Orton says he’s good and walks off so Kofi makes a erectile disfunction joke and this match this back on!

Match #4: 6-man tag team match:
Randy Orton/Elias/Samoa Joe v WWE & SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day

Best part of this match being made was New Day calling everyone “Playa” like Teddy Long used to do. Love that stuff.

Of course this match is awesome with all of the talent in it. Best 6-man tag on the last few weeks (and you know there have been a lot)

Match End: Randy Orton lands an RKO and pins the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston! Uh oh…

R-Truth was hiding in a washing machine tonight, but Carmella wants him to dress up and go to Comic-Con.

Match #5: Womens Tag Team Championship Match:
The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kari Sane)w/Paige v The IIconics(c)

Not sure I’m sold on the name they gave Asuka and Kari Sane but as long as their on tv that’s what really matters. I mean Asuka was a wreaking machine and now she’s losing tag team matches? Ugh.

Match End: The IIconics get themselves counted out to retain their titles.
The Kabuki Warriors don’t take this too well and beat the heck out of the champions.

Match #6: Singles Match:
Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Apollo Crews

Andrade attacks Apollo before the bell rings, but Apollo is stubborn and the match starts. Andrade continues his assault.

Match End: Apollo Crews sneaks in a pin on Andrade for the victory.

Main Event: Singles Match:
Dolph Ziggler v Kevin Owens

There definitely won’t be any shinanigans in this one…

During this great match Shane McMahon, and all the “bad guy” Superstars surround the ring.

Match End: Owens hits Ziggler with a stunner but as he goes for the pin Shane pulls Owens out of the ring. KO hits Shane with another stunner and runs to the back. Ziggler wins via count out?

After the match Shane is interviewed and all he says is that KO is going to pay big time as the show ends.

RAW and SmackDown Live really brought it this week. I hope that trend continues.