Mr. Nick’s Notes: Extreme Rules

The Extreme Rules “PPV” is live from Philadelphia, PA.

Nick note: Since most PPV events are mostly matches with little story building between this will be more like reaction to the matches and not a quick hit style.

I didn’t watch the pre-show and they have a match on it that should be on the main card, and one that I was looking forward to tonight. Finn Bàlor lost the Intercontinental Championship to Shinsuke Nakamura. I really hope this fued goes longer than a damn pre-show match.

I turned it to the network to see Drew Gulak retain the Cruiserweight Title. Good. Gulak is awesome and deserves to be a champion.

Main show starts with The usual hype video for the show. I won’t lie, the main event tonight doesn’t do it for me at all. The rest of the card has some great matches to make up for it.

Match #1: No Holds Barred Tag Team Match
Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre v Roman Reigns & The Undertaker

When was the last time The Undertaker opened a show? Looks awesome though. Even if he retires one day he should always be around in some way.

This tag match had an old school Raw Is War feel to it. Big moves, good back and forth, some outside interference, and a cool finish. The camera angle they used showing Taker do his throat slash while McIntyre rose in the background. I didn’t have high hopes for this match, but it turned out to be pretty great. Happy to be wrong here.

Match End: The Undertaker drives Shane McMahon with a Tombstone for the pin.

Match #2: Raw Tag Team Championship Match
The Revival(c) v The Usos

Can they stop giving the Usos mics during their entrance?

As expected this tag match was going to be a good one and it didn’t disappoint. Classic tag wrestling clinic from both teams.

Match End: The Revival retain their Championships with a Shatter Machine for the pin.

Match #3: Aleister Black v Cesaro

Calling it now, this will be the match of the night. Not just because I’m a Cesaro mark.

Yup, it’s going to be the match to beat tonight. Now don’t mess their chemistry up by having this match every week on RAW. Less is more.

Match End: Aleister Black hits Black Mass and gets the pinfall victory. What a match!

Match #4: SmackDown Womens Championship 2-on-1 Handicap Match
Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss v Bayley(c)

I like this whole idea because it shows how creative WWE can be when something doesn’t go as planned. Alexa is injured/sick so they had to find a way to make this work while building Nikki Cross. They definitely have done that very well.

Match End: Bayley retains the SmackDown Womans Championship with a top rope elbow drop on Nikki for the pinfall.

Match #5: Last Man Standing Match
Bobby Lashley v Braun Strowman

If you needed to grab another beer or hit the washroom this was the match to do it. Perfect cool down match having two big dudes just best each other up and down an arena. This should end this fued right, or are we going to get Braun “flipping” trucks again?

Oh no Funaki took a bump!

Fans chanted ECW for something very very weak. I got a little sick to my stomach.

Match End: Braun Strowman is the last man standing after power slamming Lashley through a giant box.

Match #6: SmackDown Tag Team Championship Triple Threat Match.
The New Day v Heavy Machinery v Daniel Bryan & Rowan(c)

I wish just once that they would have an actual triple threat match with tags. 3 people legal in the ring able to tag anyone. It would be chaos, but it would be fun.

This match was also fun and how could it not be with the skill involved. Heavy Machinery are going to be around for a long long time, they’re so entertaining. Otis is a star!

Big E getting mean was a great way to end the match after Daniel Bryan said they focus on shaking hips more than being good. Good storytelling.

Match End: The New Day become the 6-Time Tag Team Champions!

Paul Heyman teases a Brock cash in tonight again.

Match #7: United States Championship Match.
AJ Styles w/The Club v Ricochet(c)

The Club attack Ricochet before the bell rings and now he has a hill to climb in this match.

This match took the crown of match of the night from Cesaro/Black. Both Styles and Ricochet are just a pleasure to watch work and they brought it big time for tonight. Even with The Club getting involved

Match End: AJ Styles with the United States Title with a backwards Super Styles Clash. Match of The Night!

Match #8: Kevin Owens v Dolph Ziggler

If this match wasn’t a match and was just KO yelling into a microphone I would be happy with how the time was used.

Match End: Kevin Owens hits The Stunner on Ziggler for the very very very quick win and I get my wish. KO grabs a mic and goes off!

Match #9: WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Samoa Joe v Kofi Kingston(c)

Cool spot of the match was Samoa Joe putting Kofi’s fingers in the ring steps and stomping down.

Joe beats up Kofi for the entire match then…

Match End: Kofi hits Trouble in Paradise out of nowhere and gets the pinfall victory to retain the WWE Championship.

Match #10: Extreme Rules Winners Take All Mixed Tag Team Match for the Universal & Raw Womans Championships
Baron Corbin & Lacey Evans v Seth Rollins(c) & Becky Lynch(c)

Mr. Nick’s Wife Prediction: Brock Lesnar cashing in on Seth after the match ends makes the most sense to get the title off off Seth, but keep Becky as champ.

Corbin introduces kendo sticks into the match and then he and Lacey get beat down with them. Classic hardcore match stuff. Chairs are introduced, set up and faces hit them.

Everyone overreact about Becky taking an (accidental) chair shot to the head!

This match has been pretty good for a match I totally wrote off from the start. I should know better with Seth and Becky involved. Lots of weapon use making sure the ppv title makes sense.

Cool spot alert: Seth and Becky put Corbin and Evans through tables after diving from the same corner to the outside.

Corbin his End of Days on Becky (!!!) and Seth goes absolutely unglued hitting Corbin with weapons!

Match End: Seth Rollins wins after 3 stomps on Corbin to retain the titles for his team.

Brock Lesnar’s music hits and he gets into the ring and hits Seth with 2 German suplexes then cashes in his Money in the Bank contract.

Match #11: WWE Universal Championship Match.
Brock Lesnar v Seth Rollins(c)

Bell rings and Lesnar hits Rollins with an F5.

Match End: Brock Lesnar pins Rollins to become a 3-Time WWE Universal Champion.

Honestly, that was the best way they could have cashed it in. This could set up an amazing singles match without gimmicks for SummerSlam.

Overall that was a long, but entertaining PPV. WWE has the star power and when used properly they can put on one hell of a show. Shouldn’t be a surprise.