Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW July 8, 2019

The July 8, 2019 edition of Monday Night Raw is live from Newark, New Jersey.

RAW starts off with what I though was going to be the main event tonight. No talking just straight to the match. I like it!

Match #1: Mixed Tag Team Elimination Match.
Universal Champion Seth Rollins & Raw Womans Champion Becky Lynch v Andrade & Zelina Vega

Becky Lynch is going to be in the first intergender match in WWE. Just a feeling I’m getting from recent events.

I hope this match sets up a nice program for Andrade.

Becky gets Zelina to submit to the “Disarm Her” then notices Lacey Evans sitting ringside. A small brawl ensues before the break.

So since Becky eliminated Zelina its her and Rollins v Andrade, but since she can’t wrestle a man (se previous comment about intergender match) she gets to stand on the apron and cheer…which is pretty lame really.

Andrade runs into Becky after she pushes Seth out of the way (see?)

Match End: Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch win after Rollins hits “The Stomp” on Andrade for the pin fall. After the match Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin attack Rollins and Lynch on the entrance ramp.

Paul Heyman walks out to the ring and smirks as he passes the beaten Seth Rollins.

Paul says that Brock Lesnar is going to cash in his Money in the Bank contract at Extreme Rules against either Kofi Kingston or Seth Rollins…or is Paul lying? Only he or Brock knows for sure. Nice.

Recap of the Strowman and Lashley stunt from last week. Cool, but maybe don’t use a camera filter that shows the cutaway part of the led wall.

Match #2: 2 out of 3 falls 6-man tag team match.
The Miz & The Usos v The Revival & Elias

Alright, so we’re combining the two match types WWE seems to be married to this month. 2 out of 3 falls is getting a little played out isn’t it?

Elias takes off up the ramp as The Revival pick up the first fall of the match over The Usos then probably just stand around waiting for the commercial break to end.

The Revival are holding their own without Elias. Then as I type that the Miz hits Skull Crushing Finale” for the tying fall.

Match End: The Usos land a double super kick and get the last fall.

24/7 Title recap time! Drake Maverick is on his honeymoon as a champion. Wait, his honeymoon was in Orlando (their hometown) at Universal Studios? Now in New Jersey? This guys wife is a Saint for being so patient.

Match #3: Living legend Rey Mysterio issues an open challenge to the locker room. Bobby Lashley answers the call and destroys Rey…poor Rey.

Match #4: No Way Jose (and his Adam Rose gimmick) is in the ring looking to get some payback on Cesaro for beating him up last week. Cesaro makes short work of Jose.

Match End: Cesaro wins via Submission with The Sharpshooter.

The NXT Tag Team Champions Street Profits are backstage hyping Extreme Rules for some reason. Not sure what this is all about. Wasn’t funny at all.

They’re showing Maria and Mike Kanellis on tv more and I’m all for it.

Bayley and Nikki Cross have a split screen interview segment where they are told who they are going to face in a beat the clock challenge. Bayley faces Sarah Logan and Nikki faces Dana Brooke.

Match #5: Tag Team Match
The Viking Raiders v Two local talent Justins

Match End: The Viking Raiders via pinfall

After the match Drake Maverick and the rest of the 24/7 title championship race run into the ring and a few of them are crushed by the Viking Raiders. They all turn around and run back from where they came from. Best part of that bit was the camera angle they used to show them running to the ring.

Match #6: United States Champion Ricochet v Luke Gallows w/AJ Styles & Karl Anderson

Before the match Ricochet tells us that he knows exactly what’s going to happen here. 3 on 1. AJ tells him to appreciate the moment and then shows a recap of last week. I love heel Styles.

Match End: Ricochet gets a surprise pinnon Gallows after taking a beating all match.

AJ Styles quickly gets on the mic and makes Ricochet challenge Karl Anderson since that’s what he said he was going to do.

Match #7: United States Champion Ricochet v Karl Anderson w/AJ Styles & Luke Gallows

AJ continues to taunt Ricochet during this match. Ricochet ends up hitting diving moves on all three Club members.

Match End: Ricochet wins via pinfall and is immediately attacked by AJ and Gallows. AJ says they’d stop beating him as long as he stays down. Well…Ricochet got up, so he ate a Phenomenal Forearm.

WWE is airing The 10th anniversary celebration of EVOLVE on the WWE Network! That’s pretty big! Independent wrestling on the network.

R-Truth keeps chasing 24/7 Champion Drake Maverick without being hassled by the rest of the no-carders. I guess he’s smarter than the other 24/7 race participants.

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre find their tag team partner for Roman Reigns. The hobbling janitor is going to get $5,000 and gets to wear a mask! It’s definitely going to be him under that mask later. Totally him.

Match #8: Beat the Clock Challenge match 1
SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley v Sarah Logan

Commentary keeps talking about how Sarah Logan broke away from Riott Squad. I guess production didn’t get the memo because her music and imaging is still full of Riott. Woops.

Anyway, Sarah Logan really takes it to Bayley this match and Bayley doesn’t get much in until the 4 minute mark.

Match End: Bayley lands 2 moves and puts away Sarah Logan at 4:32.

During that match the crowd forgot what a wrestling heavy show was like and started chanting “CM Punk” and the like. I hate this so much. I get that 3 hours is a lot, but really Newark?

Match #9: Beat the Clock Challenge Match 2
Nikki Cross v Dana Brooke

Match End: Nikki Cross wins via pinfall with plenty of time left to beat.

Nikki Cross announces that the SmackDown Womans Championship match at Extreme Rules is going to be a 2-on-1 handicap match. Bayley v Alexa Biss & Nikki Cross. Bayley then attacks Nikki for saying that she needs to get slapped.

Corey Graves is away from the desk doing some investigative journalism aka an interview with Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch. He’s quickly shot down by The Man. Wasted Corey Graves segment.

Street Profits are back to yell at the camera hyping Extreme Rules. This time they have predictions. YELLING!

Match #10: Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre v Roman Reigns & Random Janitor Gary Garbutt

Pretty sick of Shane McMahon

Can Drew McIntyre be a solo badass yet? Please?

Roman Reigns is quickly thrown into the ring post and is out of the match. Apparently Gary was tagged in before and he goes off! Some pretty awesome high flying stuff.

Match End: Drew McIntyre hits the Claymore on Gary and gets the pinfall victory.

After the match Gary is revealed to be Cedric Alexander. Roman and Cedric kinda celebrated getting one over Shane and Drew…which doesn’t make any sense at all because they lost the match. I guess he took all the punishment instead of Roman. Sure.

Bad bad bad finish to a decent RAW.

Not sure they told us enough tonight, but Extreme Rules is this Sunday, so next weeks RAW should be fun.


      Just atrocious booking!! A mixed tag elimination? So what the F&@$ is Becky supposed to do once Selina is eliminated? A masked partner angle where the team trying to pull a fast one still loses ??? Inexcusable!!

      • Mr. Nick

        A lot of last nights booking didn’t make any sense.

        What would have happened if Andrade pinned Rollins in that match?

        The main event was a total disaster. Literally every second of it.


    Just atrocious booking!! A mixed tag elimination? So what the F&@$ is Becky supposed to do once Selina is eliminated? A masked partner angle where the team trying to pull a fast one still loses ??? Inexcusable!!