The Ghetto Blast 07/06/19

What up hood rats? It’s your home boy from round the way BNB, back to bust a cap in your proverbial wrestling a$$. Been lots going on in the world of the squared circle since we last broke bread, so let’s hop off the stoop and get right into it.

The past few weeks in the dub have been a roller coaster to say the least. Elite outside pressure is pressin down hard on old Vinny Mac. Although it might be too early to tell, it appears that the stubborn SOB is finally open to change. The appointment of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff  to creative leads of both RAW and Smackdown were immediately felt. Story lines were compelling and ran throughout the entirety of both shows. New camera angles gave a more realistic feel to segments, especially the Strowman and Lashley titantron spot. And the PG reigns were loosened with several naughty words being dropped, and some attitude packed programs being put forth. The arrow is definitely pointing up for both brands, and I’m looking forward to the coming weeks to see if the momentum can continue?

However, it hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows for the WWE machine. What I can only refer to as the absolute worst production change in history has also come into place over the last few weeks. One can only assume that the whole “no wrestling during commercial breaks” order has come directly from either the network or sponsors, but F%#* me this is the most blatant questioning of the WWE Universe’s intelligence since Duke the Dumpster Droese and Doink The Clown graced our TV screens. So much so that I expect Vince to start the show backstage one of these weeks with a throw back to the attitude era promo where he told us they were “tired of questioning our audience’s intelligence”. These 2 out of 3 falls matches, and singles matches turning into impromptu tags and six man tags is vomit inducing. Even the most devout eaters of Ham and Eggs aren’t buying this crap, and it’s legit the least organic thing to hit the ring in years. If you don’t want wrestling during commercial breaks, stop having 20min matches on RAW and Smackdown. Save those epic matches for the monthly PPV’s and keep TV for building superstars and story lines up to get there. With so much unused talent in the back you could easily fill 2-3 hrs with compelling matches. And just think how much better the story lines would be if creative could concentrate on getting to PPV climaxes, instead of the next commercial break?

Outside the fed I’m getting myself geared up to watch my first G1 Climax tournament. Aside from Wrestle Kingdom old BNB doesn’t venture too far east when it comes to sports entertainment consumption. I’m a little leary that a month long wrestling tournament might not be up my alley, and a little tough to consume. But thanks to the world of on demand viewing, I think I’m ready to give it a shot. It kind of seems like the March Madness of the wrestling world, and I guess I’ll have to treat it as such. I’m interested to hear from any of you who enjoy the G1 on a yearly basis, maybe you can give me some insight on what to look forward to? I’ll touch base with you hood rats at the end of my journey with all my thoughts and opinions from my Japanese adventure.

There’s been an angle burning deep inside my soul lately, and I can’t rest in peace until I’ve shared it with you. It’s blatantly obvious that the Undertaker’s best wrestling days are way behind him, and every match he wrestles serves as nothing more than a blemish on his eternal legacy. However, it’s just as apparent that the Undertaker character and his ability to talk are still as hot a commodity as ever. Enter “The New Ministry”. Ok, so you don’t have to call it that, but how great would an Undertaker led faction be? Between the buzz created by Broken Matt and The Firefly Funhouse there’s clearly still a high demand for such gimmicks. I’d love to see the Deadman grab a few of the chuckle heads in the back twiddling their thumbs, and take them under his wings. The Ascension, Titus O’neil, Nakamura, Rusev, etc….. The dudes that could benefit from such a lift are endless!!! You could even make it a biker gang theme for all I care, Taker would make it work.

Well that’s all I got for you this time hood rats.

Until next time, it’s all good in tha hood!!