Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT July 3, 2019

Airing from Full Sail University July 3, 2019

Roderick Strong takes on Tyler Breeze in the main event.

This weeks NXT starts off with a womans division match.

Match #1: Aliyah w/ Vanessa Borne v Mia Yim

Vanessa and Aliyah are doing their knockoff Iiconics thing and it’s not going well. Mia should make quick work of Aliyah here.

Actually Aliyah has been impressive in this match. Great way to start of tonights show.

Match End: Mia Yim hits “Protect Your Neck” for the pinfall. After the match she tosses Vanessa then calls out Shayna Baszler.

Recap of the amazing cage match from last week. Followed by an update from GM William Regal (mans man) or at least it was until the Forgotten Sons ask for a title match. He very politely declines and puts them at the back of the que. Regal has always been one of my favourite wrestlers going back to WCW.

The Adam Cole Bay Bay Championship Celebration Tour continues with a visit to the Gargano Pizza joint. He hung up a signed photo of himself with the NXT Championship on their wall of fame. Best! Then he visits the local wrestling gym Gargano wrestled at and proceeds to tear him down to the locals. What a jerk! Ha!

Match #2: Kushida v some nobody in a headband (Jeff Parker)

Strange to see Kushida wrestle an enhancement talent after his performance in the submission match against Drew Gulak.

Match End: Kushida wins (duh) with the Hoverboard Lock submission.

Killian Dain is coming and he looks menacing.

Round 1 of the NXT Breakout Tournament continues.

Match 3: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott v Cameron Grimes

Last week’s breakout tournament match was extremely impressive. Will these two keep on impressing?

Scott may be a former Evolve Champion, but Grimes has been the more impressive of the two here. They compared him to Bruiser Brody and Nick Bockwinkel so there’s that.

Match End: Cameron Grimes via pinfall after a leaping double stomp. He advances to the second round and impresses this Mr.

Match #4: Bianca Belair v Zunega

Another enhancement talent match. The EST isn’t easing up at all tonight. Just straight showing off.

Match End: Bianca via pinfall after her finisher. Did she even break a sweat?

Matt Riddle has a video of him throwing and punching a dummy in an MMA gym. He tells us a short history of his combat sports/wrestling life. Not bad.

Main Event: Roderick Strong v Tyler Breeze

Strong is alone for this match…but for how long?

Strong throws Breeze back first into the corner of the ring steps. Did not look good at all and everyone in the building agreed.

The rest of the match is all Strong with Breeze surviving just enough to not get pinned.

Breeze starts to mount a comeback and here comes Fish and O’Reilly with the distraction.

Match end: Roderick Strong via pinfall after hitting a distracted Breeze with his amazing double knee backbreaker.

The show ends with The Undisputed Era flashing their gang sign.

Next week we get a NXT Tag Team Championship match between Street Profits and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch.

See you next week!