Take it to the Table – Stomping Grounds chat

On this episode, we are live at Regents Park in London and it is sweltering…35 degrees (93F) of heat to be exact. Currently the hottest day of the year and no wind. But that isn’t stopping us from delivering an awesome show for you guys. It’s your host ESGR Chaos with regular guests Ridez and Randy Prizzle and we have a jam-packed episode with the first part talking about WWE’s latest Pay Per View….Stomping Grounds.

Now from the offset, a lot of people was not looking forward to this PPV at ALL. It was quite evident in ticket sales. They were so bad, WWE started offering 2-for-1 tickets or free upgrades when you arrive at the arena. Big parts of the arena were tarped off as well. And most of the matches were just re-runs of what was at the previous PPV, Super Showdown. BUT..was WWE able to pull it out of the bag and deliver a solid PPV? or was it a total dumpster fire?

And we also talk about Post Raw and SmackDown Live before the appointments of 2 legends in the wrestling industry…

Tune in to find out our thoughts and Let’s Take It…..To The Table