Mr. Nick’s Notes: SmackDown Live July 2, 2019

Live from San Antonio Texas July 2, 2019

The era of Eric Bischoff running SmackDown Live begins tonight.

SmackDown begins with a recap from RAW of what happened between Braun Strowman and Bobby Lashley.

The Kevin Owens show welcomes Shane McMahon (ugh) & Drew McIntyre (yay) to talk about The Undertaker & Roman Reigns. Kevin Owens gets heated with them and Drew cuts off the interview. For some reason Dolph Ziggler comes out.

Kevin Owens absolutely rips apart the recent Dolph Ziggler history and it was so so SO satisfying. So of course Shane makes them a tag team with a shot at becoming tag champs if they win tonight. Makes sense.

Match #1: Big E v SmackDown Tag Team Champion Daniel Bryan

I love when they show Big E do his entrance yell!

Daniel Bryan works over Big E all match and the second Big E gets a couple of moves in Rowan helps out behind the refs back.

Match End: Daniel gets the win as a result of the interference and a running knee. That stops the win streak The New Day was having over the champs.

R-Truth doesn’t want to do a recap of his 24/7 title loss from RAW. They do anyway because that’s what they do on SmackDown, they recap RAW the entrie show. R-Truth is going to crash Drake Maverick’s honeymoon.

Nikki Cross hosts A Moment of Bliss with special guest Bayley. She mentions that she has a little bit of an accent because she’s from Scotland. Perfect. Bayley does her best to convince Nikki that Alexa is a bad friend. All it does is make Nikki challenge Bayley to a match immediately.

Match #2: Nikki Cross v SmackDown Womans Champion Bayley

I’m really enjoying this build up of Nikki into a legit threat in the womans division as she should be. The inevitable match against Alexa should be fierce.

Match End: The momentum Nikki had takes a hit as Bayley gets the clean win tonight.

Ali is going to change my mind. Can’t wait, no doubt about how exciting he is in the ring.

WWE Champion Kofi Kingston heads to the ring by himself to start this face-to-face with Samoa Joe. Will Kofi get choked out for a 3rd time before their match?

Nope, instead he flips Joe the Stone Cold number 1 and knocks Joe out with a Trouble in Paradise after some very very heated back and forth. I was hanging off every single word they were saying. Compelling.

“Do they have a name for what’s wrong with Otis?” – Corey Graves. Yeah man, it’s called charisma.

Bobby Lashley cuts a promo on how dangerous Strowman was on RAW. Says he’s going to put him in the morgue next time he sees him. I REALLY hope they end up having a casket match.

Match #3: Andrade w/Zelina Vega v Apollo Crews

I forgot about this rivalry, but I’m glad WWE didn’t because I was looking forward to seeing these two wrestle.

Match End: Zelina interfered with Apollo on the outside and Andrade hits his finisher to pick up the win. (does that sound familiar from earlier? 2 of 3 matches had the same finish)

Kevin Owens is trying to be a team with Ziggler, but all Ziggler wants to do is call Owens fat. That’s some lazy writing.

Aleister Black calls out Bray Wyatt for a match at Extreme Rules. Yes please!

Match #4: Ember Moon v Mandy Rose w/Sonya Deville

Last week Ember couldn’t overcome this duo. She’s not having that issue tonight at all. 100% focus this match.

Match End: Ember Moon makes short work of Mandy Rose and hits the Eclipse for the pinfall.

Not quite sure what they’re doing with Shelton Benjamin, but at least he’s on tv again?

Daniel Bryan & Rowan and The New Day are at the commentary tables (New Day have their own of course) for this main event. Rowan has a headset on but we all know he isn’t going to talk. Woods and Bryan will do that enough for everyone. Let the bickering begin.

Main Event: Dolph Ziggler & Kevin Owens v Heavy Machinery
Winning team is added to the SmackDown Tag Team Championship match at Extreme Rules.

The New Day attack Daniel Bryan & Rowan after Bryan keeps verbally jabbing them during the match. That didn’t take long. What also didn’t take long was Bryan and Rowan destroying Woods and Big E. Rowan puts Woods through a table as we cut to commercial.

Oh yeah, there was a match going on during all that.

Tucker & Otis have been impressive during their SmackDown run. The crowd loves them, and they’re clearly very skilled in the ring. Let’s be honest though, it’s all Otis and that voice. “Oh yeah!”

Match End: Ziggler goes to superkick Otis after KO tries a stunner. Otis steps aside and the kick hits KO instead. Heavy Machinery take out Ziggler then hit their finisher on Owens for the pinfall. They are now part of the triple threat tag team match for the SmackDown Tag titles at Extreme Rules!

After the match KO hits a huge stunner on Ziggler and the show ends with KO yelling that “This is my show!”.

See you tomorrow for NXT.