Mr. Nick’s Notes: RAW

Live from Dallas Texas July 1, 2019

The “Paul Heyman Era” running Monday Night Raw begins tonight.

Will The Undertaker appear tonight? Hype hype hype

RAW gets right down to business with match! That’s a great change of pace.

Match #1: Falls Count Anywhere Match
Braun Strowman v Bobby Lashley

“This is like a live action Godzilla movie.” – Graves

Braun Strowman tackles Lashley through the stage LED wall!! Holy shit! Which is an exact quote from Corey Graves on live tv. Multiple sparks really sell the fact that they blew up the stage. Commentary also stays silent which is a great idea. They’re both put into seperate ambulances by actual EMTS (great call) and taken out of the building without that stupid fake siren over the PA they usually do for thing like this. Really selling the severity of the situation. Very very cool segment!

Match #2: The Viking Raiders v The New Day (Big E & Xavier Woods)

Samoa Joe attacks Xavier Woods ending the match. Kofi Kingston runs down to help out Woods and ends up being beaten down by Joe and The Viking Raiders.

Match #2.5 6-man tag team match
Viking Raiders & Samoa Joe v The New Day

Samoa Joe stares down a pacing Kofi as he beats up Woods in the ring. Nice way to build this feud.

Kofi and Joe end up being the legal men in the match (what a strange sentence), while everyone else gets their moves in.

Samoa Joe chokes out Kofi to get the win for his team. Could that be a look into the future?

Oh no, Drake Maverick brought his wife to RAW. She makes him choose between her and the 24/7 title. This isn’t going to end well is it?

AJ Styles tries his tough love with Gallows & Anderson, but they fire back about him almost losing to Ricochet. The Club is fine…

Match #3: Cesaro v No Way Jose
Cesaro does not look happy at all that he has to wrestle No Way Jose. He attacks him before the bell and walks off.

R-Truth is going to taunt Drake Maverick (who’s sitting front row with his wife now) with the 24/7 title all night and I’m all for it.

STREET PROFITS ON RAW!! They have their NXT tag team Championships with them. Hope they get a match.

Shane McMahon & Drew McIntyre head to the ring and Shane grabs a microphone. I really feel the urge to fast forward.

Undertaker playing mind games is the best Undertaker. The pop he gets will ALWAYS give me goosebumps. Still one of the best promos in the business. Sure it’s cheesy, but it’s also well done. Legend.

Match #4: Lacey Evans v Natalya

I hope Natalya can get a win on Canada Day.

Corbin trips Natalya (of course) and Lacey lays her out with the “Womans Right” to get the pin.

Gallows & Anderson confront Ricochet backstage. They cut to commercial and when we get back Gallows & Anderson are pumping up AJ Styles. They set up this whole US Title match later in the best way possible. The more of them on tv makes Mr. Nick a happy fan.

Match #5: 2 out of 3 falls match
The Miz v Elias

Miz doesn’t waste any time and gets the first fall after a pre-match beating.

All of these 3 falls matches are booked the same now. Someone gets a quick win in, another quick fall to tie, then a regular match where they can act extra tired.

Miz gets the win with a Figure Four after Elias his his knee on the ring post.

Uh oh, trouble in paradise between Seth and Becky? Then out of nowhere Maria and Mike Kanellis show up to challenge them to a match. “Me and my bitch, take on you and yours?” she says. “Y’all done messed up.” Seth says. Great!

Match #6: Mixed Tag Match
Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch v Maria & Mike Kanellis

Maria yells at Mike the whole match until Seth forces him to tag in Maria. Maria grabs a mic and announces that she’s pregnant.

Becky picks up the win by putting Mike Kanellis in the Dissarm Her (him).

Maria tears down Mike after the match. Calling him less of a man. “Maybe next time I’ll ask Becky to impregnate me.” What a strange and different segment. That’s a good thing.

It’s time for A Moment of Bliss with special guest Nikki Cross. Alexa Bliss is in full gear for whatever reason. Nikki has the best accent. Carmella shows up and challenges Alexa to a match. Good thing Alexa is in full gear. Oh look a ref is in the ring.

Match #7: Alexa Bliss v Carmella

Carmella gets the quick win with a roll up. This match ends faster than I could type the match header.

Match #8: Carmella v Nikki Cross

They made this match during the break.

Nikki Cross wins with a swinging neckbreaker. Getting another win “for” Alexa. Alexa acts like she won the match. This has been fun setting up Nikki and Alexa.

Drake Maverick catches R-Truth alone backstage while his wife goes to freshen up. He hits him with his suitcase and wins the 24/7 title!! Should be a fun honeymoon.

Match #9: United States Championship Match
AJ Styles v Ricochet (c)

Remember what I said last week about Ricochet innovating like AJ Styles was at his age? Seeing these two wrestle is a treat that I’m going to sit back an enjoy.

AJ Styles hit Ricochet with the Phenomenal Forearm and pins him for the win. BUT Ricochet’s foot was under the bottom rope. Another ref comes to the ring to talk it over during the break.

This match is restarted and Gallows & Anderson are now ringside. More please!

Corey Graves described this match the best way with this quote. “Holy Crap!” (a little more pg from what he said earlier) do yourself a favour and find this match.

Ricochet retains the US Title with a tricky pin on Styles. AJ shakes his hand then gets mocked by Gallows & Anderson. AJ attacks Ricochet and calls in Gallows & Anderson to finish Ricochet with a Styles Clash from the second rope!! The Club is back with a 2-sweet!

The show ends with The Club standing over Ricochet smiling. Heel AJ is a fun AJ.

See you tomorrow with notes from SmackDown Live!

  • *HeartPunch*

    Well, that was fun. Not surprisingly, bringing ECW to RAW and WCW to Smackdown is probably just what wrestling fans needed and deserved right at this very moment. Who would’ve thought, after battling each other through the 80’s and 90’s, Vince’s bitterest enemies and rivals will now step in to save his wrestling bacon (which is delicious, by the way…).

    So…Vince has finally realized that he no longer understands how to properly prepare, cook and present wrestling bacon. And…Vince is scared sh*tless of AEW. And he should be. Good choices, buddy.

    Vince may be clueless sometimes, but he’s not stupid. Now I’m going to make myself a wrestling BLT. Mmmmm, tasty…

    • Mr. Nick

      I agree with the very last think you said before the BLT (now I want one). Vince isn’t stupid. He understands the business better than most, and if he needs a little help from some old rivals (but really, they’ve both been in his employ a lot longer than they were rivals) then he’s smarter because he asked for their help.

      All in all though, wrestling gets better on all sides so we all win in the end.