Mr. Nick’s Notes: AEW Fyter Fest

AEW Fyter Fest June 29, 2019 Live from Daytona Beach, Florida

The second event for AEW is a PPV with a meta theme based on the doomed Fyre Festival.

Oh cool, they’re using the same staging from “Double or Nothing” but with a “Fyre Festival” makeover. Models, white emergency tents, and a kids pool.

Match #1: “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels v Cima

Two ring veterans do battle tonight to start off the main show.

Jim Ross references the fact that Daniels has over 1000 matches. I wonder if they count his “hot & spicy” matches?

Cima wins with a meteora (double knees to the head from the top rope). Mutual respect shown after the match.

Match #2: Triple Threat Match
Riho v “The Native Beast” Nyla Rose v Yuka Sakazaki

I really enjoyed Riho and Yuka at “Double or Nothing” so this should be fun.

Nyla Rose throws Yuka and Riho around for most of this match but they both keep bouncing back and fighting back.

Nyla Rose catches both Yuka AND Riho as they attempt top rope moves. Holy smokes that’s impressive!

Riho rolls Nyla up with a quick pin for the win! What a match!

Nyla attacks Riho after the match but Yuka saves Riho and she is thanked with a punch.

Match #3: Four-Way Match winner faces Kip Sabian
MJF v Jungle Boy v Jimmy Havoc v “Hangman” Adam Page

MJF gets a microphone before everyone else is introduced and everything that comes out of his mouth is absolutely golden. This man is a superstar on the mic.

The action starts fast a furious here as everyone gets in a few spots in. MJF teases a suicide dive but then flips off the crowd.

The match builds around the rivalry between Hangman Page and MJF. JR calls it a rivalry that will centre AEW for years. I agree.

Hangman Page his “Dead Eye” on Jimmy Havoc to pick up the win.

Match #4: Darby Allin v Cody

Darby drags a bodybag to the ring with Cody written on it. JR and Excalibur hype up his twisted past and play up their hesitation with Cody taking this match. Really nice build for the not well known Darby Allin. I’m ready to be impressed.

I’ve never watched a Darby Allin match before. So this is a new style for me. He’s so unorthodox with his selling.

Allin did the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen. He dropped backwards from the top rope onto the outside side of the ring. Idiot.

Cody zips Darby into the bodybag but he kicks out of the blind disaster kick.

The match ends as a time limit (20 mins) draw as the referee’s hand was dropping for 3. Darby out lasts Cody

Shawn Spears runs down to the ring with a chair and he hits Cody in the side of the head unprotected with the sickest chair shots I’ve seen in over a decade! Cody drops and the back of his head is cut open very badly. The show stops being a show and starts to feel very real as Cody is taken to the back bleeding from the back of his head.

Main Event: 6-man Tag Team Match
Laredo Kid & Lucha Brothers v “The Elite” Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks

The Bucks are dressed up as Ken and Ryu from Street Fighter!! Kenny is dressed up as Akuma!! Amazing tie-in for the CEO Gaming tournament.

As expected this match is absolutely incredible. All 6 men put on a show! So many combination moves from the Bucks and Lucha Bros. Wow! Then add Kenny Omega and this match was a highlight reel from start to end.

The Elite win this unbelievable match with Kenny Omega pinning Laredo Kid after a One Winged Angel.

Fyter Fest officially ends and now it’s time for the unofficial main event of the night.

Un-sanctioned match: Joey Janella v Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley begins his in ring career in AEW “unofficially” so technically he isn’t having his first match in AEW. Slight miss, the ref of this match is wearing an AEW ref jersey.

“This is going to be ugly folks” – Jim Ross

One word to describe this “match”: Carnage

Barbed wire and thumb tacks were used a lot and it wasn’t gimmicked. Janella and Moxley’s bodies now have a few new holes in them to prove that. This was an old school deathmatch.

Jon Moxley wins with a double arm DDT onto a lot of tacks. The PG era of Moxley is officially over. Just a Brutal (official definition) match.

“Slobberknocker” – Jim Ross

Kenny Omega runs down and attacks Jon Moxley to lead up for their match at All Out.

The show ends with Jon Moxley smiling into the camera after surviving a deathmatch and taking a beating from Kenny Omega.

How are they going to top that in 2 weeks?