Discover. Progress. – Locked In A Cage

Welcome to Discover. Progress. the podcast that used to be about Progress Wrestling, but one of us is locked in a cage.

On this episode, we are all over the map.

***Be forewarned, this episode contains spoilers from shows that have recently aired.***

We start with some Irish wrestling, that’s a few months old, as we discuss how the people behind OTT (Over The Top) in Ireland, know how to tell a masterful story in video form, with their opening video package for David Starr VS Jordan Devlin from Homecoming 2.  You can watch it, and marvel at the mastery right here.

We also get a little closer to home (Western Canada), talking about DEFY (based out of Seattle) and the fantastic Ravenous Randy Myers (from Calgary).

We’ve got plenty to say about the current main event scene in NXT UK, now that Travis Banks has had his title shot.  Who’s next?  Whats the plan for Imperium?

We discuss this week’s NXT TV as well, as the Breakout tournament kicks off (and immediately breaks one of our brackets), and we had an incredible main event…in a cage.

Oh, and we wrapped it up by making our predictions for AEW’s Fyter Fest show.

Let us know what you think of the show.  Get it where you get podcasts, or listen below.

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