Mr. Nick’s Notes: NXT Edition

06/26/2019 from Full Sail University Orlando Florida

Tonight the NXT Womans Championship is defended in a steel cage match!

The show open with a great hype video for the NXT Womans Championship cage match.

The NXT Breakout Tournament also starts tonight. The winner of the tournament gets a shot at the title of their choosing.

I love wrestling tournaments. The best parts are the short stories the wrestlers get to share right before their matches.

Match #1: Joaquin Wilde v Angel Garza

Mauro mentions that Wilde is a 15 year ring veteran but getting his first shot at NXT here.

Garza rips his pants off during the match and it causes quite the stir in the audience.

These two put on a very impressive match. Both clearly not rookies at all.

Garza hits a massive avalanche Spanish fly from the top rope and it only gets a 2 count! Buckle up for this tournament!

Garza does hit a butterfly stunner (I assume his finish) to advance over Wilde. What an impressive start.

Kushida promo in Japanese with subtitles. This is how Japanese wrestlers should be showcased. Let them show their personality without having to struggle with english. He won’t be without a title for long.

Damien Priest walks out of the building and talks about how his name will live forever. Immortal gimmicks aren’t always done well, I hope his can be.

Match #2: NXT Tag Team Champions Street Prophets v The Forgotten Sons

Street Prophets get on the mics and decide to put their titles on the line! These two are going to be stars in WWE.

For whatever reason Riker gets his team disqualified during a title match. That’s another level of dumb.

Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come to help out the Street Prophets then tell them that they owe them one as they had the title back to the champions.

A quick clip showing Killian Dain back in NXT. Sanity wasn’t going to work outside of NXT anyway.

Match #3 Nykos Rikos v Keith Lee

I’ve never heard of this guy before, but he obviously has a huge love for his Greek heritage. Big Greek flag all over the worst gear I’ve ever seen (not because of the flag). I have a feeling that will be the highlight of his night.

Keith Lee predictably takes out Nykos in less time then it took him to get to the ring. Bask in his glory!

The Adam Cole “Bay Bay Celebration Tour” takes him to the UK for Download Fest via private jet. Got to hang out with Slipknot! Also he wrestled and ate at a place called Gargano’s. Nice touch.

Main Event: Io Shirai v Shayna Baszler(c)
Steel Cage Match for the NXT Womans Championship

This has been one of the best cage matches I’ve seen in a long time. It’s as if Shirai and Baszler were made to wrestler each other. Womans Strong Style?

Shirai goes to the top of the cage and Baszler catches her with a choke throw from the top rope, but Io runs up and throws a massive German suplex from the top!!

Like clockwork Duke & Shafir run in and stop Shirai from exiting the cage. Shafir locks the cage so that Shirai can’t escape.

Candice LeRae runs down to help Shirai out. And dives off the top of the cage to stop Duke from helping Baszler!

Io Shirai hits a moonsault on Baszler from the top of the cage!! Holy smokes!

Baszler keeps choking out Shirai as she tries to exit the cage so she hits Baszler with the door and knocks her out of the cage for the win. That’s an innovative finish to a cage match. What a damn match though! So damn good!

After the match Io Shirai attacks Candice LeRae with a chair in a fit of rage. Hitting a suplex onto a set up chair before she leaves the ring to a chorus of boos. She gets close to the camera and says “I don’t need friends” and then walks off speaking Japanese angrily as the show ends.

Probably the best episode of NXT I’ve seen in a long time.