Introducing: Take it to the Table – Video content

Commish’s note: I met Rob and his crew as we were coming back to market with AW. We want to give you all kinds of different content to consume here at AW and this is going to be a part of it. Take it to the Table is a group of friends shooting the breeze with each other about different topics. Due to some issues, this release was delayed but the audio is back and it’s ready to go, so sit back and have a listen to the guys talking about AEW’s Double or Nothing. If you like what you see, leave us a comment below and we will continue to bring you more and more TittT!

Hello all and welcome to brand new YouTube show called ‘Take It to The Table’ where your host ESGR Chaos and 3 guests talk about the current events in WWE and the new promotion on the block AEW, we review the latest PPVs, our favourite pastime moments and even play some quiz games along the way.

If you want raw, honest, uncut, hilarious views on wrestling, this is the show to check out. No other wrestling show mixes gifs, cutaways, and memes like Take It to The Table.

At the final segment of every episode, we play a game of Wrestler 20 Questions, where the guests have 20 Questions to ask and the host can only give Yes or No answers to them and they have ONE shot to guess who the wrestler is. Think of it as ‘Who Am I?’ but for wrestlers LOL.

There’s also TITTT (behave!) Specials where we show live reactions to PPVs, filming at live events and soon to be interviews with your favorite wrestlers.

Hope you enjoy the show, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe…and let’s Take It….To The Table!!