Mr. Nick’s Notes: Smackdown Live Edition

06/25/19 Live from Portland Oregon

Smackdown Live starts with a recap from RAW which seems fitting these days. At least it’s the hilight of The Undertaker showing up to best up Shane. Now it’s a tag match at Extreme Rules.

Shane warns the Smackdown roster not to get in his face tonight because he’s pissed. Vince, is that you?


Kofi sends us to another recap from RAW (that’s 2), where Samoa Joe attacked him.

Oh great, Dolph Ziggler shows up and complains about how he lost again. Not a fan of this from him.

Wait, he gets another chance at the title by being added to the Kofi/Joe match if he wins a 2-out-of-3 falls match against Kofi tonight? Who is he Baron Corbin? Lose 3 times to the champ and get another shot? WWE knows they have other talent right?

Elias standing outside of Shane’s office warning people not to go in there while playing guitar.

Speaking of not moving on, Miz challenges Shane to another match. He has to get past Elias first though of course.

Match #1: Big E & Xavier Woods v Daniel Bryan & Rowan

The positive Daniel Bryan chants have ended by leaving Washington State. Reminded me of when heel Canadians would get cheered when they had shows in Canada. Always enjoyed that.

Has anyone made a playlist using the bands Rowan reps on his attire?

The New Day win this match clean and now have a victory over the Smackdown tag champions.

Owens & Zayn jump New Day from behind, but Heavy Machinery run down for the save. Is that a multi-team match I smell? My goodness WWE loves repeating matches. “Well this worked on RAW, let’s do it again tomorrow!” tired.

Match #2: 8-man tag team match Owens/Zayn/Bryan/Rowan v Big E/Woods/Otis/Tucker

Keep that build doing for Heavy Machinery as they take out Sami Zayn (Owens walked away from the match) for the win.

RAW recap 3: setup for Nikki Cross v Bayley tonight.

Match #3: Miz v Elias 2 out of 3 falls match. If Miz wins he faces Shane McMahon in the future. (wait a minute, are there two multi-fall matches tonight?)

Elias does his own entrance song tonight. Gets that local sports dig in.

Shane distracts Miz and Elias hits “Drift Away” to get the first fall. Miz was just about to get the 2nd fall but Shane slides in and attacks him. Miz gets the 2nd fall via DQ. Shane and Elias beat the heck out of Miz before the match is restarted. Genius. Elias gets the 3rd and deciding fall of course. What a win by Elias!

Shane wants to hit his coast-to-coast (does RVD cringe each time like I do?) on Miz. No Undertaker to interrupt tonight.

Holy smokes it’s Finn Bálor! Who’s next for Finn? Well…Shinsuke Nakamura (!!!) walks up and does 2-sweet onto the IC Title. Yes! Yes! Yes! Sign me up for this match!

Match #4: Nikki Cross v Bayley. If Nikki wins Alexa Bliss gets a title match against Bayley at Extreme Rules.

Bayley gets an old school taped backstage backdrop promo in during her entrance. Miss those setting up matches.

Nikki cross gets the win for Alexa after a very good wrestling (yes wrestling) match here. I’m enjoying this different build for Nikki.

Carmella and R-Truth are backstage. A very disheveled Drake Maverick shows up and tells them that they ruined his life by winning the title at his wedding. Truth offers him the title but “Psyche, I love this title more than you love your wife!” wonderful!

Match #5: Ember Moon v Sonya Deville w/Mandy Rose

Ember Moon spends most of her time focusing on Many Rose outside the ring and Sonya Deville gets the win. The bullies win.

Aleister Black is still sitting in a dark room seething at a camera asking for a fight. This time he knocks at a door…maybe a door of a funhouse? Let him in!

Main Event Match #6: Dolph Ziggler v WWE Champion Kofi Kingston best 2 out of 3 falls match. If Ziggler wins he is added to the WWE Championship match at Extreme Rules.

PPV caliber match so far. Kofi gets the first fall via sunset flip (after Dolph grabbed the ropes). Ziggler pulls out the same beat him up before the next fall stuff they did in another match less than half an hour ago.

1-0 Kofi

Ziggler gets the second fall after the beat down repeat and a “Super” kick


This third fall has been great back and forth. Can’t deny Ziggler and Kofi have big match chemistry.

So many near falls!

Kofi hits “trouble in paradise” and then pins Ziggler for the third fall. Kofi wins 2-1 and Ziggler isn’t added to the title match.

The show ends with Kofi holding his WWE World Heavyweight Championship above his head while he celebrates with the front row.

A good Smackdown saved with a PPV quality main event. I wish they wouldn’t rely on RAW to advance storylines though.

See you next week!