Smackdown is Previewed – June 25th, 2019

Smackdown live is coming to you live from the friendly confines of Portland, Oregon within the Moda Center.

The RAW preview was AWOL yesterday because my colleague, Nation Dan was busy being in love with Indy wrestling. Meanwhile, your pal the Commish is here for the big show that pays the bills.

The brand split continues to wither as there could be upwards of four RAW superstars with the Lynllins? Setcky? Becth? romance continue to play on for the week. Is everyone tired of that now?

Still no sign of Finn Balor with his main rival, Andrade suffering a double whammy of personal sadness with both his Mom and Aunt passing away in back-to-back weeks. We at AW wish him all the best there as that’s never easy but it seems to be that they have Balor waiting in the wings for his return. In this case, it makes sense but the loss of champions and belt appearances has been felt for sure. No amount of wild card usage can fix that.

What else to watch for:

  • Could it be, Bayley will now fight within the Smackdown roster?
  • Kofi looks like he will have a new feud from the Ziggler angle
  • The 24/7 title is must-watch TV (more on this later)

The IIconics will have a match against the Kabuki Warriors and the women’s tag title is in the mix.