Mr. Nick’s Notes: Monday Night RAW Edition

06/24/2019 Live from Everett Washington

RAW starts with the Universal Champion Seth freakin Rollins.

I’ll never get over how WWE uses still photos for their ppv recaps.

The Man Becky Lynch interrupts Seth which is kinda cute. Seth calls he the best back-up on the planet.

Lacey Evans and Baron Corbin try to jump Seth and Becky but they fight them off. Baron calls out Seth for being less of a man (yeah okay) for having Becky as back-up. Nobody is buying this malarky. Obviously this becomes a mixed tag match for Extreme Rules. Blah. Winners take all stipulation? Still blah.

8-man elimination tag team match.
Bryan & Rowan/The Revival v The New Day(Woods & Big E)/The Usos

It’s the first time the RAW and Smackdown Tag Champs have ever teamed up…well yeah, when is the last time they’ve had an 8-man tag match?

Looks like their setting up a Tag Champions rivalry here. Maybe a unification of the tag belts again? Not against that, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here.

Xavier Woods eliminated Daniel Bryan, then was quickly eliminated by The Revival. This is now just a tag match between The Revival and the Usos.

Pretty unique finish to this one. The tag division is strong. Usos are always money.

They show Miz walking to the ring…but in the background the witch from Firefly Funhouse is seen watching him…it’s happening…

MizTV with special guests the 7 time (already?) 24/7 Champion R-Truth along with Carmella. Don’t worry the rules are suspended during the interview.

Gotta respect R-Truth for getting this title over. I also love that he calls it the 24/7 European Television Championship. He’s the best man for this job.

Drake Maverick comes out and says R-Truth ruined his life after winning the title at his wedding. They haven’t even been able to consummate the wedding. The crowd chanted “Consummation” haha this is great!

R-Truth beats Maverick in like 10 seconds and the race for the 24/7 title begins again after a few chances at the title on the ring. Drake Maverick is in the ring looking pretty distraught. Poor little guy…

2 on 1 handicap match Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre & Shane McMahon.
I should have known better than to think this was over after last night. Of course Drew and Shane work over Roman here. Hitting move after move after move.

HOLY $#&% THE UNDERTAKER SHOWS UP OUT OF NOWHERE! He takes out Shane and Drew and stands tall. I legit lost it at home. Did not expect that at all! Wicked!

You know what will kill the crowd after an appearance by The Undertaker? A Tug of War between Strowman and Lashley.

Oh boy, they show Strowman pulling a semi truck to get ready. Then show Lashley breaking a rope. Which one is more lame. This ends up with Lashley just attacking Strowman with the rope. What’s next? The Atlas stones?

AJ Styles cuts his backstage interview short to confront a dancing Gallows & Anderson for not being “The Gallows & Anderson he knew in Japan”. I really hope Bullet Club is going to be okay. I mean The Club. I hope The Club is going to be okay. THE (NOT BULLET) CLUB.

Gallows & Anderson v The Viking Raiders
Anderson blows another great match by showboating too much. The Viking Raiders pick up the win. AJ isn’t happy. The Club is fine…


R-Truth wins it back right after making him the 8 time champion!

Then Cedric Alexander hits his finish on Truth and becomes the 24/7 Champion!

EC3 catches Cedric as he exits the ring and pins him to become the 24/7 Champion!

EC3 heads up the ramp and Carmella steals the title as R-Truth rolls him up to become the 9 time 24/7 Champion!

That was pretty fun!

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Kofi Kingston v Sami Zayn w/Kevin Owens

But first an impromptu Sami and Kevin show. As they call Kofi a paper champion. Kofi calls them out for having a love/hate relationship. Decent back and forth. I love that Kofi calls him Sam Zayn.

What a match between these two. Kofi continues to find a way to win great matches.

Kevin Owens get on the mic and challenges Kofi to a match. An exhausted Kofi agrees for some reason.

Kofi wins by beating a 10 count no one in the arena was paying attention to including the commentary team who were as shocked as the viewers.

Samoa Joe attacks Kofi as he heads up the ramp. Then puts him to sleep with the Coquina Clutch. Where the heck are Woods and Big E during all this?

Naomi v Alexa Bliss w/Nikki Cross
Alexa Bliss wins this short match after Naomi takes out Nikki Cross. Then Alexa wants Nikki to attack Naomi but she hesitates and Natalya comes out. Ring the bell, this is a tag match now.

Alexa Bliss gets the win after Nikki Cross does all the work. Nikki doesn’t care, she’s just happy to have a friend.

AJ Styles v US Champion Ricochet
Glad to see AJ back on tv after injury. This should be fun.

Ricochet is the new US Champion and he has a new t-shirt. He has officially arrived. Now he gets to take on AJ Styles. Quite a big 24 hours.

Anderson & Gallows make their way to ringside and try to help AJ but he stops that quickly and kicks them out of ringside. The Club is fine…

The match restarts and I’m ready to be sports entertained. AJ gets cut somehow during this hard hitting match. Both guys working a little stiff here I think.

The best part of this match is how it’s kind of a dream match. AJ Styles was pulling off an innovative wrestling style just like Ricochet is doing now. Very sports entertained tonight.

AJ Styles picks up a win with a phenomenal forearm and now has a win over the new US Champion. I look forward to more matches from these two. Wow. What a way to end RAW this week.

Before I sign off, shout out to the Seattle Seahawks fan in the 4th row facing the hard cam who stood the whole show holding up his Seahawks scarf like a championship belt. Way to show us how big your football fandom is. He knows football is fake right?